How to Recover Deleted iPhone Contacts?

How to recover deleted iPhone contacts? This question will occur when we find that our contacts data is missing.


iPhone contacts are gone all of a sudden. iPhone contacts are deleted by accident. I believe a large number of iPhone users are familiar with those situations. Well, IPhone contacts disappear for several reasons. One of the most common reasons is that little naughty kids delete contract carelessly when they use adults’ iPhone. Last weekend, this situation happened to me, and I badly need to recover contacts on iPhone.


Here is the story in which my niece deleted my contacts data on iPhone a few days ago.


Last Sunday, my little niece, three years old, came to visit my family with Aunt Cindy. She had so much energy that she constantly walked and played around. After I went back from washroom, I found that she picked up my iPhone and slid randomly. My nerves became sick. At that moment, I reclaimed my iPhone from my niece and checked it out in a second. Unfortunately, many of the data on iPhone were gone, including Contacts, WhatsApp and iMessages.


How can I recover deleted iPhone contacts? Nothing was in my mind except this question at that time. Lukily, I searched on the internet and found a pretty good app to solve my trouble. I handled my iPhone issue with this app easily.


The app is iOS Data Recovery. Now let’s see how it works.



Step 1. Connect iPhone with PC


After the iPhone is connected to PC, click on "Data Recovery" and select "Recover from iOS Device" .

recover deleted iPhone contacts - connect iPhone to PC 


Step 2. Scan iPhone

Please click the "Start Scan" button. The scanning would need a couple of minutes.

recover deleted iPhone contacts - scan iPhone

Step 3. Recover Data from iPhone


To recover contacts from iPhone, please select “Contacts” on the left side after scanning. And then click “Recover” button.

Obviously, iOS Data Recovery supports to recover other data except contacts. It is a useful app for people when they want to get their iPhone data back.


Nowadays, accidental deletion often happens to iPhone users. Therefore, a good app that helps restore iPhone data would be welcomed. Do you suffer from some deletion issue? Do you have to recover deleted iPhone contacts? Try iOS Data Recovery this time.