Recover iPad Data: How to Recover Deleted Files on iPad?

Have you ever run into a scenario that lots of iPad data are lost after iOS upgrading? Do you know how to recover deleted files on iPad easily and efficiently? As a matter of fact, iOS update error is one of the most common causes that iPad data get lost. Other factors like accidental deletion, virus attack, factory reset and system crash will also lead to data loss. When iPad files disappear on your tablet due to the mentioned circumstances, your primary concern might be how to recover iPad data?


Usually, there are two methods for you to restore your missing iPad files. One is to recover them by using iTunes backup. The other is to get them back from iCloud backup file. Both settlements of data missing issues are conditional upon the existent of backup. Hence you should take notice of backing iPad data up in daily life.


Assuming that you want to retrieve deleted or corrupted data that are not included in any backup, you should give up using iTunes or iCloud and apply a reliable tool to directly recover deleted files from iPad.


Just like recovering data on computer, you are able to access to the missing iPad files if you use some specific software. What's the catch? Well, the truth is that the disappeared iPad data are not literally erased from your iPad when you delete them. They are moved to somewhere on your iPad and will be gone for good if they are overwritten by new iPad contents. Therefore, you are supposed to stop using your iPad once you find out that data on iPad are lost suddenly. Then you can use a third party app to restore those missing contents from iPad.


If you are seeking for an app to extract iPad files from the device itself, you can come to see the following article, which shows you how to recover deleted files on iPad without backup.


How to Retrieve Data from iPad with iOS Data Recovery?


The app named iOS Data Recvoery. It offers up three modes for you to retrieve lost or deleted content. Mode 1 is to directly recover data from iOS device. Mode 2 is to recover from iTunes backup file and Mode 3 is to recover from iCloud backup file. Below is the operational steps of Mode 1.



Step 1. Click on "Recover from iOS Device" button

Step 2. Select the file types that you want to recover and click "Start Scan"

Step 3. Preview your deleted iPad files on iOS Data Recovery and tick the desired ones

Step 4. Click on "Recover" button

how to recover deleted files on iPad 


That is all about how to recover deleted files on iPad in Mode 1. What do you think? Do you want to try it now? If so, you can download its free trial and test it from our website.