How to Recover Deleted Data from iPhone?

It is common that your iPhone data are in danger of getting lost because of accidental deletion, water damaged, system upgrade or factory reset. No matter how careful you are about holding your iPhone, your iPhone data won't be absolutely safe anyway. Therefore, you may need to recover deleted data from iPhone if you lose important iPhone data by accident.


iPhone supports to recover data by using iTunes backup. So you can recover your data with iTunes. However, using iTunes to restore data requires you to back up your iPhone data first. If you haven't backed up, you are surely unable to retrieve your deleted data! In order to recover important iPhone data which are not backed up, you may need an iPhone data recovery crack that can recover data from iPhone directly and has no requirement of backup.


And that is why we recommend iOS Data Recovery for you.


iOS Data Recovery is one of the best iPhone data recovery apps. It supports to recover all types of data like messages, contacts, call history, notes, voicemails, photos and videos.


recover deleted data from iPhone - step 1 

iOS Data Recovery provides three models to recover deleted data from iPhone: "Recover from iOS Device", "Recover from iTunes Backup File" and "Recover from iCloud Backup File". You should choose the right model after you connect your iPhone to computer.


Now, we will talk about how to use iOS Data Recovery according to these three models:



Part 1. How to Recover Deleted iPhone Data Directly

You are supposed to choose "Recover from iOS Device" model, if you want to restore your lost data without a backup.


Step 1. Scan data on your iPhone

After you enter into the first model, you can see this model provides many types of data to recover. You should choose the data which you want to restore and then click "Start Scan".


recover deleted data from iPhone 2 


Step 2. Browse the scanned iPhone data

When iOS Data Recovery finishes scanning, you can browse the scanned data on iPhone and choose the ones that you want to recover.


recover deleted data from iPhone 3


Step 3. Click "Recover"




Part 2. How to Recover Deleted Data By Using iTunes Backup


The second model supports you to recover deleted data from iPhone with iTunes backup. iOS Data Recovery will search iTunes backup files on your PC and show on the interface as below.


recover deleted data from iPhone 


Step 1. Selecting

You can choose a backup file to restore data. If your files are not on any backup files that showed on the interface, you can click "Select" to do a menu search.


Step 2. Scanning

You need to click "Start Scan", and then you can preview your files from the backup files.


Step 3. Recovering

After you preview those data, you can retrieve iPhone data such as messages, contact, music, photos and notes by clicking "Recover to Computer".


recover deleted data from iPhone 


Part 3. How to Recover Deleted Data by Using iCloud Backup


Step 1. Log into iCloud


Step 2. Download iCloud backup file

"Recover from iCloud Backup File" model will display all of your iCloud backup files. You need to choose and download a backup.


Step 3. Choose and recover

You can choose and recover the files from the iCloud backup. For example, you can restore deleted iPhone messages by selecting those data on the backup and clicking "Recove" button.


recover deleted data from iPhone