How to Recover Contacts on iPhone?

For a number of mobile phone users, contacts play a very important part in work and life. Therefore, it will be a disaster when contracts data gets lost because of update, system crash or accidental deletion. How can iPhone users survive from this digital disaster? This article will talk about two different ways to recover contacts on iPhone with iTunes and iOS Data Recovery.


Method 1. Restore iPhone contacts data with iTunes.


iTunes is a digital media player application. It provides not only media management but also backup and recovery services. When you use iTunes to recover iPhone data, you must make sure the data have already been backed up before. You can backup your contacts in Gmail or outlook account. And then you just need to recover your contacts data from your mailbox directly.


This method is a little bit complicated and you can’t just restore your needed contacts. What’s more? You can’t recover deleted iPhone contracts without backup. What should you do when data is lost and you have no backup of it? Can you get it back? How?


OK, don’t be nervous about losing iPhone data that has not been backed up. Here is the second method to retrieve contacts on iPhone. It will rescue your deleted iPhone data.


Method 2. Restore iPhone contacts data with iOS Data Recovery.


iOS data recovery is a tool that can recover and backup iPhone data quickly and simply. It is compatible with all iDevices including iPhone, iPad and iPod. Now Let’s see how it works to recover contacts on iPhone.


Step 1. Download and install iOS Data Recovery.


Step 2. Scan and Analyze iPhone.

In this part, you can see three choices on the top. “Recover from iOS Device” means you can restore iPhone data directly and no need to backup before. The rest of choices mean you can restore data by using iTunes or iCloud backup.

recover contacts on iphone 

Step 3. Choose Items

This iOS Data Recovery Crack supports to recover many kinds of items such as contacts, messages and call history. When you enter an interface as below shows, you can select items which you want to recover and then click the “Recover” button on the bottom. 

recover contacts on iphone - choose items to recover

If you want to recover contacts on iPhone, you just need to have one app - iOS Data Recovery. No need of having a Gmail like iTunes’s requirement, or worrying about backup things.