How to Recover Contacts from iPhone with or without Backup?

Perhaps one of the most important data on your iPhone is the contact list. Everyday you are in touch with contacts for reaching and communicating with others. You use contacts to make calls, send messages or emails to family, friends, colleagues or clients. Without the contacts, it would not be convenient to get in touch with others because few of you bother to remember each contact of the long list. You just keep their information on the contact list.


It is common that one certain contact or multiple contacts become out-of-date, so you need to edit or delete them. So there is a chance for you to accidentally delete one or more contacts that you absolutely want to keep. Besides, contacts could be lost when you are doing syncing or restoring as well as when you fail to update iOS or jailbreak. No matter what it might be to cause contact loss, you will need to get them back. So how to recover contacts from iPhone?


Recover contacts from iPhone using iCloud

Deleting or losing data on your iPhone is kind of like that on your Windows or Mac. But there is a  difference: a desktop computer enables you to restore deleted files from the recycle bin, but a smartphone does not have a recycle bin feature. Yet Apple is considerate to help by building an online recovery source - iCloud. If you make backup to iCloud, you can restore data to your iPhone. But you should keep in mind that iCloud does not allow you to restore individual contacts but the whole full backup or one of the backup archives. So make sure the backup is up-to-date and contains all contacts in existing contact list. And below is how to recover iPhone contacts using iCloud:

1. Visit and sign in with your Apple ID and password;

2. After you sign in your iCloud account, click the ”Settings” icon;

3. Scroll down to the Advanced section and click ”Restore Contacts”;

4. When you see the archive backup list, select the latest file and click “Restore”;

5. Click ”Restore” again to confirm so you can start the restoration process.

After the restoration process is done, an email will be sent to the address tied to your Apple ID.


Recover contacts from iPhone without backup

If you happen to find yourself in the situation mentioned above - having backup that doesn’t contain newly added contacts, you can try another way that enables you to recover contacts from iPhone itself without using backup from iCloud or iTunes. iOS Data Recovery, a professional data recovery app designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, can help you recover deleted or lost data from the source iDevice without the need of backup. In addition, you can recover call logs, messages, iMessages, WhatsApp, calendars, notes, photos, videos, music files and so on.


Now download the free trial version of this iOS data recovery app and follow below steps to recover contacts from iPhone.



Step 1: Launch iOS Data Recovery

Once you install iOS Data Recovery on your computer, launch this app. And when you get into the user interface, click on “Data Recovery”.

recover contacts from iphone - start app 


Step 2: Connect iPhone to PC

When you get into the user interface, you will need to connect your iPhone to your computer via USB data cable.

recover contacts from iphone - connect to pc 

Step 3: Choose Recovery Mode

Once you manage to get your iPhone and computer connected, you can select a recovery mode. Here you should choose “Recover from iOS Device”. And then you can start the scanning process.

recover contacts from iphone - recover from ios device 


Step 4: Recover Contacts from iPhone

After iOS Data Recovery finishes scanning your iPhone, it will display you the scanning results where you can find the deleted contacts in red. You can click to preview these deleted items. And now you can select items you want to recover and after you click “Recover”, iOS Data Recovery will start to recover contacts from iPhone.

recover contacts from iphone - start recovery