How to Record Your iPhone Screen on Computer

As a video game enthusiast, I would like to show off my iPhone game achievements on my computer sometimes. Additionally, I need to present a demo or a tutorial of my iPhone game on the Internet in order to share my experience of video game. I still remember the time that I went to google the words "how to record your iPhone screen" and try to find some software which can satisfy my demands for recording iPhone screen.

how to record your iPhone screen 


What do I need a record program for?

I expect to have a screen recorder app with great outputting and recording function so that I can easily record my iPhone screen activity on iPhone. I hope that I can use that application to wirelessly mirror my video game onto my computer. Besides, it supports me to record my game progress and share with my friends without jailbreaking. If you have the same requests as me and you want to know how to record your iPhone screen on PC or Mac at ease, then you can try to use iOS Screen Recorder.


Information about iOS Screen Recorder

I have been used iOS Screen Recorder for years. This app has many handy functions. For example, it allows you to view your iOS device on your computer with high definition after you turn on AirPlay on your device. Here are its main features and instructions.


Key Features of iOS Screen Recorder

1. Record your screens of iOS device to your computer without using USB cable

2. Mirror iPhone videos, games and other visual imagery onto computer

3. Supports all iOS device like iPhone, iPad and iPod

4. Compatible with most of the iOS version like iOS 7.1 and iOS 10


How to Record Your iPhone Screen on Computer?

Step 1.Open iOS Screen Recorder on PC or Mac

You need to click on the "Screen Recorder" option after you launch the program.

how to record your iPhone screen - recorder 

Step 2.Connect you iPhone and computer to the same wireless network

how to record your iPhone screen 

Step 3. Click on the "iOS Screen Recorder" button


Step 4. Mirror iPhone

If you have iOS 7, iOS 8 or iOS 9, you should swipe up from the bottom of the screen and then tap on "AirPlay". And you are required to choose "Dr.Fone" and turn on "Mirroring".

how to record your iPhone screen - mirror iPhone 

If you have iOS 10, you need to swipe up from the bottom of your screen and then hit on "AirPlay Mirroring" and tap "Dr.Fone".

how to record your iPhone screen 

Step 5.Record iPhone on your computer

You can tap the left circle icon to start or pause the process of recording. If you choose the right square icon, you can show a full screen on your computer. And you can tap the square button again to exit.

how to record your iPhone screen 


Note: you can apply iOS Screen Recorder to settle your problem about how to record your iPad screen as well.