How to Print Calendar from iCloud

Since Apple doesn’t offer a direct way to let us print iCloud calendars on computer, you may need to use some tricks to print calendar from iCloud drive. In this post, we will offer up two easy and simply ways for you to print out your calendar event.


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Part 1. How to Print Out iCloud Calendar from Computer with iPhone Data Transfer


The first way I want to share is using a third party iOS extracting tool like iPhone Data Transfer to extract and export your iCloud calendars to computer selectively. After that, you are able to print a calendar on iCloud with a computer-connected printer.



Step 1. Open iPhone Data Transfer

Step 2. Click on "iCloud Content" and then log in your iCloud account

Step 3. Click "Calendar" to select the calendar you need

Step 4. Click "view files" to open up a windows on computer

Step 5. Select the calendar and then click "Print"


Tip: You can click settings icon to set the output format of calendar and the export path. Also, you can export calendar to print with iPhone Data Transfer.


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As an iOS content manager, iPhone Data Transfer can manage the iCloud content. It helps you access iCloud calendar and manage the calendar events as you need. More importantly, iPhone Data Transfer can help you print all the iCloud calendar events you need, including location, dates and notes from PC completely and clearly. Besides, iPhone Data Transfer enables you download content from iCloud to computer. That will make it easy to print calendar data. If you don't want to use a third-party program, you can try the succeeding method to print calendar.


Part 2. How to Print Out iCloud Calendar by Using Screenshot


Step 1. Log in your iCloud account on and then open Calendar

Step 2. Take a screenshot of the calendar you want to print

Step 3. Keep on your computer

Step 4. Print calendar with printer


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As you can see, you can print iCloud calendars from a computer easily and effectively with the help of iPhone Data Transfer. Actually, besides calendar, iPhone Data Transfer can also help you export contacts, message, notes from iCloud to computer without effort. You can use the calendar app on iPhone to arrange our future in advance, and calendar will be synced to iCloud if you use the iCloud auto-sync service. Sometimes you may need to view and print calendar information from iCloud. For example, a secretary needs to print schedule for boss and tour guide prints the travel plan for guests. At that time, we would like you to try the first method that we talk about.