How to Permanently Delete iMessages from iPhone?

iMessage completely erasing is a part of privacy security management. If you don't want to see your private info leaks out, you are supposed to learn how to permanently delete iMessages on your iPhone which is about to be sold or given away. In other words, you ought to wipe out your messages from iPhone irrecoverably instead of simply deleting it by tapping the trash can icon. Why? Because the simply deleted data are not really erased from your mobile phone. Actually, you are likely to remove just the index or path through of your messages, which makes it look like those messages are gone for good. However, some people are still able to access to those files as well as retrieve your private text. Hence it is urgent for you to permanently delete messages from iPhone before you resell or send out your iPhone.


In order to help you easily and perfectly delete your messages like text, SMS and iMessages, we will focus on displaying you two convenient methods for you. Besides, we will present a tool which enables users to not merely solve questions on how to permanently delete iMessages but also completely erase contacts, photos, videos, call logs, WhatsApp chats, notes, Kik chat and more files.


Part 1. Automatically Remove iMessages from iPhone Device


There is a build-in feature on iPhone, which supports to erase your iMessages by auto. Here are the instructions of this feature.


Step 1. Go to "Settings > Messages > Keep Messages" on your iPhone.


Step 2. Configure a default time interval that you wish your iPhone to clean automatically


Step 3. Confirm your setting by tapping on the "Delete" button


Note: This method may cause data loss if iPhone "inadvertently" delete your significant messages in regular cleansing.


Part 2. How to Permanently Delete iMessages on iPhone


iOS Data Eraser is an ultimate tool for iOS users to permanently delete SMS, MMS and iMessages from iPhone. What's more? It allows users to totally and irrecoverably wipe photos, contacts, videos, reminders, browsing history, caches, etc.


Step 1. Open iOS Data Eraser on a computer

You need to launch iOS Data Eraser on your computer after you install it. Then you should click on the "Erase Private Data" on the following interface.


Step 2. Scan all private files on the iPhone device

After you plug your iPhone device into your computer, you can select Scan to initiate the progress of erasing.



Step 3. Permanently Delete Messages from iPhone

iOS Data Eraser will list all the scanned private files. You can choose "Message" to preview your messages and then forever delete them by hitting on the "Erase Now" button.


Note: You can't recover any data that are deleted with iOS Data Eraser. So you had better back up them before you begin to apply this program.