How to Move Data from iOS to Android in An Easy Way?

How to move data from iOS to Android in an easy way? Is there any app that can help smartphone users transfer data effortlessly? These two questions appear in mobile phone users' mind when they want to transfer data between iPhone and Android.




When you change your iPhone to Android smartphone like Samsung, you may think of moving all your iPhone data such as music, photos, videos, contacts, calendar and etc. And you will realize that transferring data between two different devices that run totally distinct operating systems is very difficult! In fact, you will move data from iOS to Android with much ado if you don't have any useful app that is designed to transfer data between two mobile phone.


It is acknowledged that iPhone data can't be migrated to any Android smartphone directly and simply. Because iPhone is equipped with iOS which is completely different from Android.


The good news is that an iOS to Android transfer app can transfer all of the iPhone data to Android. The app is called Phone to Phone Transfer.


Phone to Phone Transfer enables you to transfer music, videos, photos and playlists between devices that are running iOS and Android systems. It also supports other operating systems like Symbian and Blackberry OS. With Phone to Phone Transfer, you are able to transfer data between devices directly. Below we will show you how to use Phone to Phone Transfer to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung.



How to Transfer from iPhone to Samsung?


Step 1. Running and Connecting

You are supposed to launch Phone to Phone Transfer and connect your iPhone with PC first, and then you should go ahead to connect the second device - Samsung.


Step 2. Selecting source device

You go to the top of left and view all of the devices. Then you can select iPhone as your source device.


move data from iOS to Android 


Step 3. Selecting target device

You should click on "Phone to Phone Transfer". And you can see the following window, you have to select Samsung from the drop-down list as your target device. Then, click on "Next".


move data from iOS to Android 


Step 4. Clicking "OK"

You should wait till the app loads all of data on iPhone. After that, you can click "OK" and your data will start to be transferred from iPhone to Samsung. In addition, you can deselect items that you don’t want to transfer and move data from iOS to Android according to your own preferences.