How to Manage Pictures in Photo Share

Have you ever used iCloud Photo Sharing feature before? This feature enables iPhone users to share pictures and videos with people who you select. Apart from this feature, iPhone has other similar Photo Share functionalities which make sending and receiving image data easier. With the accumulation of photo files on your iPhone device, you are supposed to organize your photo data so that you can have a better layout on your iPhone. Once you put your iPhone data like photos and videos in order, you will free up your iPhone internal memory as well as speed up your iPhone device.




Do you want to manage your iPhone pictures in Photo Share with less effort? If so you can try iPhone Data Transfer software. This app supports to manage photo stored in your iPhone with a couple of clicks. Besides, it allows users to transfer photos among computer and different iOS devices. Moreover, it can help you to delete unneeded photos and upload your photos to iCloud. You can use iPhone Data Transfer to manage your photoshare folder as below.



Step 1. Do Some Preparations in Advance


You need to launch iPhone Data Transfer on your computer and connect your iPhone device to the computer. The iPhone Data Transfer will stare to detect your iPhone. Once your iPhone is recognized, you will find an interface says "Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to start".


Step 2. Make a Selection


Now you ought to hit on the blue circle icon on the right side to manage files by category. After that, you should click on the Photos option and select "Photo Share". This software is capable of showing you the total number of Photo Sharing albums so that you can preview your photos in details.




Step 3. Transfer Desired Photos


You need to choose the photos which you want to transfer and then hit on the "To Computer" button. This software will ask you to set up a saved path on your computer which is prepared to stored your iPhone photos. You will see Transferring Completed window when the transferring process is completed. If you want to locate photos exported on computer, you need to click "view files". If you wish to go back to the previous page, you should click on the "transfer more items" button.



Note: Aside from migrate photos to a computer, you can also transfer photos between two iPhone device. Furthermore, you can use it to upload your photos to iCloud. In addition, you can refresh the page to fix iPhone transfer error.


Additionally, you can transfer Photo Share files as follows: If you are using windows PC, please press the "Ctrl" key on the keyboard. If you are using Mac computer, please constantly press the "Shift" key.