How to Fix the Last Backup Could not be Completed Error on iPhone?

It is important and necessary for you to back up your iOS device: iPhone or iPad. Apple offers its users a feature to set automatic iCloud backup so when the iOS device is in lock screen status with WiFi connected, your iPhone, iPad or iPod will backup to iCloud. But have you ever received a message saying “the last backup could not completed” on your iPhone or iPad? If you have, don’t be upset, you are not alone here. Actually, a lot of iOS users are confronted with such problem. The causes may be various and you might also find solutions to this error. Below are some solutions I gathered from the Internet:

Solution 1: Backup iPhone to computer via iTunes (Make sure you have a backup in case something goes wrong)

Solution 2: Log out off iCloud and Log back in (iCloud could be the primary cause, so check it out to see if you can fix it there)

Solution 3: Reset Network Settings (Your device might not be connected to network properly)

Solution 4: Change to New WiFi network (Check if there is something wrong with your network and try another network)

Solution 5: Delete old backup from iCloud (You have only 5 GB of free iCloud storage, and once the backup exceeds 5 GB, it won’t backup the iPhone)

Solution 6: Restore your iPhone (Restoring your iPhone will give you a brand-new, clean device from the start)


If you get the message “the last backup could not be completed”, the above solutions might be helpful, but cannot guarantee that they will 100% work out for you. The first four solutions are worth trying, but you need to think twice before you try solution 5 or 6 as they could result in data loss. The above are not the only solutions and you don’t have to be extreme to take solution 5 or 6. Actually there is a safer solution - backup iPhone to computer using iPhone/iPad/iPod Manager.


iPhone/iPad/iPod Manager is a powerful iOS data management app that can backup, transfer and manage iOS data on computer. You can backup whatever you want from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your computer. In addition, you can make the way around by restoring backup to your iOS device with ease.



How to backup iPhone to computer with iPhone Manager?


Step 1: Download & Install iPhone Manager

The first thing you need to do is download this iOS data management app and install it on your computer.



Step 2: Start iPhone Manager

After installation, you can start iPhone Manager and when you enter the user interface, click on “Data Backup & Restore” to move on.

the last backup could not be completed - start iPhone Manager


Step 3: Connect iPhone to PC

Now you will need to connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable. And iPhone Manager will detect your iOS device soon.

the last backup could not be completed - connect iPhone to PC 

Note: You need to make sure you've installed the latest iTunes on your computer. 

the last backup could not be completed - install iTunes


Step 4: Scan and Backup iPhone to PC

Once the iPhone and PC are connected, you can start the scanning process and when it’s completed, you can select whatever you want and backup iPhone to computer.


If you try all these solutions mentioned above, you can solve the last backup could not be completed error. If not, you might have to go to Apple for support.