How to Fix "Storage Almost Full on iPhone" Issue?

After you use the iPhone or other mobile devices for some time, you will see on the screen the frequent pop-up message saying "Storage Almost Full: You can manage your storage in Settings". This is one of the most common issues with which many iPhone users are confronted. The notification keeps popping up 10 times a minute on your iPhone, which is extremely annoying. You just can't do anything else but are busy clicking on the "Done" icon to stop the popup. You might manage to stop it once, but you do not really fix the issue because the popup will soon again show up. You may wonder what is going on and how to fix Storage Almost Full on iPhone.

storage almost full on iphone


What brings out this notification? The reason lies in the shrinkage of your iPhone storage memory. Your iPhone is lacking storage space! In other words, your iPhone is housing too much data and it can no longer carry them. Apart from the photos, videos, audio files and other media files and documents, cached files generated by apps could occupy a lot of space. And there are 2 solutions for you to solve this problem.


Solution 1: Backup & Transfer iPhone Data to PC

You can find tips or solutions to the issue of storage almost full on iPhone, but most of these methods ask you to delete either these or those files. That works but you should keep in mind that there is no going back or recycling once you delete the files on your iPhone. The best and safest way is back up the data on your iPhone before deleting them.


The most common ways to backup iPhone data is iTunes and iCloud. But taking into consideration that there is a limitation on iTunes or iCloud storage with no more than 5 free GBs, you might think about other alternatives such as iPhone Data Transfer or iPhone Manager. iPhone Data Transfer is an iPhone data transfer app that allows you to backup iPhone data and transfer everything from your iPhone to the computer very easily. And iPhone Manager is an iOS data management program that enables you to transfer, manager and edit iPhone data on Windows or Mac computers while on the way around to let you restore your iPhone with all or selective backup files. In this way, you can fix storage almost full on iPhone without losing any important data and files.



How to backup iPhone data to your computer?

1. Download and install iPhone Data Transfer or iPhone Manager on your computer.

2. Launch the app and then connect your iPhone with the computer via USB cable.

3. Select data and choose a destination folder to back up the iPhone data to your computer.

storage almost full on iPhone - backup data to PC 

Solution 2: Clear iPhone Cache

Although Apple suggests iOS app developers include a self-cleaning function while building their apps, you can still see many apps miss that part. And unlike Android phones, iPhones do not have the "Clear all cache" option. In this case, iOS Data Eraser can help a lot. This iOS data cleaning app is able to scan through your iPhone automatically and wipe all underneath app cookies and caches. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Gmail, Safari and so on. By clearing app caches, you can make more room for your iPhone storage.


How to clear iPhone cache?

1. Download and install iOS Data Eraser on your computer.

2. Launch the app and then connect your iPhone with PC via USB data cable.

3. Choose "Express Cleanup" and click the "Erase Now" icon to clear the app caches on your iPhone.

storage almost full on iPhone - clear app caches 

If you encounter with the issue of storage almost full on iPhone again, you can try above methods and hopefully you can fix it.