How to Fix iTunes Could not Back up the iPhone Error Message?

Since iCloud offers only a free storage of 5 GB, many iOS users such as you would like to back up iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to the computer via iTunes. But as you know, unlike Android, iOS is a closed system, which makes iTunes sometimes is not able to do what you expect. For example, you cannot transfer unpaid music or video from iOS devices to the computer with iTunes. And iTunes sometimes would throw you error messages like "iTunes could not back up the iPhone because an error occurred". If you are encountered with such notification, you can follow the instructions of the popup dialog, though it doesn’t always work out. Yet you might follow below ways before trying backing up the device again.

itunes could not back up the iphone


1. Pull out your iDevice (iPad, iPhone and iPod touch) and restart it and your computer (Mac or PC).

2. Make sure there is enough storage space on your computer.

3. Exit iTunes on your computer and then launch it and try backing up again.

4. Change the USB cable or switch to another USB port.

5. Update iTunes to the latest version.

6. Rename the backup file so it’s not conflict with the new backup.

7. Restore or erase the exiting backup on iTunes.


Above methods may help you solve the iTunes could not back up the iPhone issue in most case. But just as what I mentioned before, iTunes cannot allow you to backup everything on your iOS device. Here I would share with you another solution. iOS Data Transfer is a perfect iTunes alternative that can guarantee you a complete data transfer. So what is this iOS data transfer app capable of?


Main features of iOS Data Transfer:

Compatible with Windows and Mac computers

Support iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch of all models

Transfer a variety of data: contacts, messages, calendars, photos, music files, videos and so on, whether they are paid or unpaid files.

Back up iDevice to PC or iTunes library.

Restore saved backup to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

How to back up iOS Device to the computer with iOS Data Transfer?


Step 1: Launch iOS Data Transfer

After you download iOS Data Transfer, install this program on your computer and then launch it.




Step 2: Connect iDevice with PC

When you enter into the user interface, you are supposed to connect your iOS device such as iPhone to the computer where the data transfer app is installed. After you plug the iPhone to the PC via USB cable, iOS Data Transfer will detect your device.

itunes could not back up the iphone


Step 3: Back up Selected iOS Data

Unlike iTunes that requires full backup of your iDevice, iOS Data Transfer allows you to back up what you select. You just need to select what you want and then export them to your computer after you choose a destination folder.

itunes could not back up the iphone


Now you have learned how to solve iTunes could not back up the iPhone, so if you are stopped by this kind of messages, you can try above solutions.