How to Fix iPhone Cannot Take Photo Error Message?

Being an iPhone user, you are inevitable to receive the notification saying “Cannot Take Photo: There is not enough available storage to take a photo”. Obviously, your iPhone is filled with all kinds of data stuffs and it is running out the storage space. So your iPhone cannot take photo unless you make room for the newly added pictures. If this error message keeps popping up on your iPhone screen, you’d better stop using your device and figure out what causes this exactly.


Generally speaking, when this iPhone cannot take photo notification comes out, you can hardly proceed any operation on your iPhone because this message will frequently pop up to interrupt you. And you are not able to launch any app or view a picture. This issue not difficult for you but doing it well might need some tricks.


The most common and direct way is delete data and files on your iPhone. But before that, you will need to find out what can be deleted and what cannot. It is suggested that you should delete stuffs you don’t need, for example, photos, songs, videos and apps. Alternatively, for important data and those that consume large space, you can back them up and sync them to iTunes, iCloud or your computer. If you want to backup your iPhone to the computer, the following is the tutorials with an iPhone data transfer app named iPhone Data Transfer.



Step 1: Download & Install iPhone Data Transfer

You can download iPhone Data Transfer from above buttons, Windows or Mac. And then you can install this iPhone data transfer app on your computer.



Step 2: Start App & Connect iPhone to PC

Now you should launch iPhone Data Transfer on your computer. And then connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable. Once you plug iPhone to PC, the app will detect your iDevice.

iphone cannot take photo - connect iPhone to PC 


Step 3: Select & Transfer Data to PC

Once you manage to connect your iPhone and the computer, you can then select data by clicking the data types on the left; and you can choose a destination folder after you click on “To Folder”. At last, click the “Start” icon to transfer what the data to the output folder on your computer.

iphone cannot take photo - transfer iPhone data to PC


And once the transition is complete, you can delete data you don’t need on your iPhone. And the problem of iPhone cannot take photo would be solved.