How to Erase iPhone 7 Perfectly?

It is said that Apple will release iPhone 8 in this year. iPhone fans show their great enthusiasm to this news. Many people may use old iPhone model such as iPhone 7. Some of them possibly think of trading up to iPhone 8 in the future. Some of them will send their old iPhone to friends or families when they buy iPhone 8. Therefore, how to erase iPhone 7 perfectly will be of great concern to these people.


Do you hold an iPhone 7? Are you considering reselling it and get an iPhone 8? If so, there is one important thing you should always bear in mind. That is to reset data on iPhone completely after you determine to resell your iPhone 7. Otherwise, your privacy and personal info will be disclosed.


How to erase iPhone 7 perfectly?


In that case, Apple has three measures to erase iPhone users’ personal info on iPhone.

Measure 1. Back up Important Data on iTunes

Although the data on your iPhone 7 must be erased totally, your important iPhone data including contacts, messages, photos and etc. should be kept on computer through iTunes.

Measure 2. Sign out iCloud

Sign out iCloud is of great importance because iPhone is connected to cloud services of iCloud.

Measure 3. Go to Factory Settings

Last but not least, go to Setting and erase data on iPhone by tapping “Erase All Content and Settings”.

how to eraser iPhone 7

However, your iPhone data can’t be removed irrecoverably in these measures. Some criminals are still able to recover your data from your iPhone and seal your privacy. If you want to completely wipe iPhone for resale, you can try iOS Data Eraser. It is powerful and easy to use.


iOS Data Eraser provides three security levels to delete data. Suppose that you want to erase all your data from iPhone 7 with iOS Data Eraser, what should you do? How to Erase iPhone 7 permanently with iOS Data Eraser?

Well, the software works to get data on iPhone deleted completely in only two steps.


Step 1. Connect iPhone 7 to PC

This step requires you to connect your iPhone 7 to PC via USB cable. Next, you should select “ERASE ALL DATA ON DEVICE”.

how to eraser iPhone 7 using iOS Data Eraser 

Step 2. Choose “Security level”

Make sure you choose the high. After that, click the “start” button.

how to eraser iPhone 7 - select security level

Note: the deletion of iPhone data can’t be restored in any software. Once you delete with IOS Data Eraser, your iPhone data will be gone forever. So please always remember to back up before the deletion.