How to Erase iPhone 7 Completely without Any Recovery Possibility?

Before you sell you iPhone 7 or give it away to others, one important thing you should never miss is remove anything and everything on your iPhone, especially your personal information. It’s easy to delete photos, videos, music files, contacts and other data manually. However, taking into consideration that there are a huge amount of data on your iPhone, it would not be a good idea to do it manually. Besides, you would still have the chance to miss out data like app caches and cookies. These underneath data are not so noticeable. So how to erase iPhone 7 completely?


First you should make sure that you’ve signed out from iCloud on your old iPhone 7. Otherwise, you could delete content from the iCloud server of your Apple ID. Yet signing out of iCloud doesn’t mean that you are able to erase your iPhone completely. Even though you delete data on the phone, they can be recovered with the help of a third-party app such as our iOS Data Recovery. That means, there is a possibility for the successor of your iPhone to recover deleted data on the iPhone.


But don’t worry! Here I will share with you a workable solution. iOS Data Eraser, a professional iOS data erasing app, can erase iPhone data completely without any recovery possibility, even with a powerful recovery app. With this app, everything including underneath cookies on your iPhone will be wiped out! And below are the guidelines on how to erase iPhone 7 completely.


Step 1: Launch iOS Data Eraser

You can download iOS Data Eraser from below buttons, Windows or Mac version are available. And after you install this iOS data erasing app on your computer, you can start it.




Step 2: Connect iPhone 7 with Computer

After you launch the program and enter the user interface, you are supposed to connect the iPhone 7 and the computer. You can plug the iPhone to PC via USB cable, and once they are connected, iOS Data Eraser will detect your iPhone.

how to erase iphone 7 


Step 3: Erase iPhone 7 Data

Now you can choose an erasing mode: Express Cleanup, Photo Compress, Erase Private Data, Erase Deleted Files or Erase All Data. Once you click on “Erase All Data” and then click “Erase Now”, iOS Data Eraser will start erasing all data on your iPhone, and with no recovery possibility.

how to erase iphone 7


That’s all for how to erase iPhone 7, it’s easy but effective with the help of this iOS data erasing app.