How to Erase iPhone 6 Data & Personal Info?

iPhone 7 has been released and iPhone 8 is to launch this year, and Apple fans are going to sell or give away their iPhone 6. However, after using the iPhone 6 for some time, there are quite a lot of data including important files, private files and personal information on the device. So there is a risk of exposing privacy to the next owner, then the public. Your information is sold and you will receive a lot of calls from all kinds of salesmen. I don’t think you would like to experience that. So here comes the question: how to erase iPhone 6 data and other private and personal information?


You may have the fleeting idea of manually deleting all your data including contacts, documents, photos, app caches/cookies and so on. But I think you will regret doing that after you delete a small part of the huge data and there are a lot more to delete. And the truth is even if you deleted some data, you are not able to make sure they are deleted completely and cannot be restored. Well, as a matter of fact, the data deleted is not really erased from your iPhone, but is stored somewhere invisible to us. And these deleted data can be restored. So in order to protect your privacy from leaking, you should find a way to erase all data from your iPhone 6 permanently and ensure that there is not a single possibility of being recovered.


But how to erase iPhone 6 data and personal info permanently? You no longer have to manually delete them one by one. With an iPhone data eraser tool, things can be done completely and effectively. You can download iOS Data Eraser for a try. And before you delete the data, remember to make a full backup and upload to iCloud in case you need them back in the future.




What can be erased permanently from your iPhone?

Contacts, text messages, photos, notes, calendar, bookmarks;

System settings and account details;

Underneath app cookies and caches.

How to erase iPhone 6 data?

Step 1: Connect iPhone 6 with PC

After you download and install the program on your computer, start the program and then connect your iPhone with your computer via USB cable.

erase iPhone 6 - connect iPhone and computer 

Step 2: Choose Erasing Type

After connecting your iPhone to the computer, choose an erasing type on the left panel. Here you should choose “Erase All Data” .


Step 3: Erase All Data

After you choose the erasing type, click the “Erase Now” button to start erasing all the data on your iPhone.

erase iPhone 6 - erase all data 

If you have any question or better idea on how to erase iPhone 6 data, please feel free to let us know.