How to Download Music from YouTube to iTunes for Free?

Without any doubt, as one of the best media players, iTunes, developed by Apple Inc, is never unfamiliar to you all. This handy mobile application offers a lot of features that make it “jack-of-all-trades”. iTunes enables you to backup and restore your iOS device, manage your iDevice, download music and videos to your device and more. However, it also has its own disadvantages, among which the restriction on music download can be the most disappointing thing. You have to pay for music from iTunes and for most of the users, it is quite expensive for the long term; after all, we have the hunger for more new songs.


Actually you don’t have to pay so much for getting limited songs from iTunes. Why not try some other ways to get free music that can be also accessible in iTunes? You know there are a huge number of songs on YouTube, how about downloading songs from YouTube to iTunes? Sounds great, right? But how to download music from YouTube to iTunes? There is not a download option available on YouTube. Don’t worry, there is a solution - iTunes Music Manager.


So what is iTunes Music Manager and what can it do? iTunes Music Manager is a powerful iTunes music management software that can help you transfer, discover and download music from 100+ online resources including YouTube, without iTunes boundaries.


Main features of iTunes Music Manager

* Freely Transfer Music Between iTunes, iPhone and Android device

Download music to iPhone, Android and iTunes Library from 100+ online sources: YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, Facebook and so on

Record Music from Online Radio Station or Streaming Sites Like Spotify

Rebuild and clean up iTunes Music Library in one click



How to download Music from YouTube to iTunes?

Before you get started, please download and install iTunes Music Manager on your computer. After installation, you can follow below steps on how to download songs from YouTube to iTunes.



Step 1: Start iTunes Music Manager

Now start the application and you will get into the user interface as below image shows.


Step 2: Search Music on YouTube via URL

(1) When you see the main interface, click "Get Music" from the top menu and select "Download" from the menu tab.

(2) Then you will see a search bar and download button on the central of the program.

(3) Next, copy the URL of the media file from your browser and paste it to the search bar.

(4) Finally, select MP3 or MP4 you want to download from. After selection, click "Download" button to start the download process.



Step 3: Import Downloaded Music to iTunes Library

The download may take some time depending on how large the file is. When the download is completed, the program will convert the downloaded file to iTunes acceptable formats in default. Then the music will be automatically imported into iTunes library. At the end, you can view it at "iTunes Library" -> "Download".