How to Delete Music on iPhone Easily and Effectively?

I love collecting and listening to music on my iPhone. My iPhone stores so much music that I have to remove some at times in case that my iPhone space is taken up by the music data. As a music aficionado, I would like to choose more effective and simpler ways on how to delete music on iPhone, which can help me to manage my iPhone music well. I want to avoid cumbersome and time-consuming operation. And that's why I utilize iTunes Music Manager to clear my song data.

iTunes Music Manager is an ultimate and professional program for users to easily manage iOS data such as music, videos, photos and other files. It allows you to delete songs from iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod and other types of iOS device. It enables to switch data among iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTunes and PC/Mac. Moreover, it supports to back up and recover iDevice data like media files, contacts, messages, note and more. Below I am about to show you a tutorial on erasing my iPhone music with this software. I am sure that you can find out its fancy features!




How to Delete Music on iPhone by Using iTunes Music Manager


Step 1. Running and Connecting

First of all, I will open iTunes Music Manager. Then I will connect my iPhone with a computer.


Step 2. Deleting

iTunes Music Manager will detect my iPhone. And I can view all the detail information of my iPhone music. If I want to wipe out some specific songs, I just need to check the corresponding items in iTunes Music Manager and then click on the "Delete" option.


Note: You can see that there are lots of option for you to manage iPhone data in upper interface. For example, you can select the "Export to" option to transfer your music to PC, iTunes or other connected iOS devices.


Part 2. How to Delete Music on iPhone Directly


Sometimes I will use the build-in function of deleting in iPhone to clean my unwanted music permanently.


Step 1. Turn off "iTunes Match"

First, I will go to Settings on my iPhone and choose "iTunes & App Stores" option. Then I can toggle off "iTunes Match" after I scroll down the screen. This step will help me to prevent iPhone songs from being downloaded onto my device automatically.


Step 2. Disable "Show All Music"

There is some music that attaches a small Cloud icon beside. So I am going to do the following operations.

1. Tap the gear icon on my iPhone

2. Select "Music" after scrolling down iPhone screen

3. Turn "Show All Music" off


Step 3. Delete Songs from iPhone

1. Start up the Music app on my iPhone

2. Choose "Songs" on the bottom

3. Find music that I expect to erase

4. Slide from right to left to enable the Delete option

5. Hit on "Delete"