How to Delete Messages on Skype from iPhone

Skype is one of the most popular online telephones. It supports to make voice and video calls for free. Skype is a cross-platform for users to have video calls among iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows Phone, Windows PC and even TV! It is an amazing tool to chat with family and friends via text, voice or video. With Skype application, you can share your feelings and other fun things with other people freely.


how to delete messages on Skype


If you frequently use Skype for iPhone to keep in touch with other persons, you are supposed to learn how to delete messages on Skype and clear some unwanted Skype chat history regularly. Otherwise your iPhone won't run smoothly any more. Owing to more and more Skype data stored on your storage space in iPhone, your mobile phone will run more and more slowly. If you find out that your iPhone is too slow to perform, then it is time to delete Skype and manage the layout of your iPhone by wiping out unnecessary iPhone data.


Now let's look at two step-by-step tutorials which tell you how to delete your Skype files from iPhone. You can select one of them to free up your iPhone space according to your own demands and preference.


Tutorial 1. How to Delete Messages on Skype from iPhone Respectively


Step 1. Open your iPhone and then tap the Skype app on the Home screen


Step 2. Detect the messages that you want to delete


Step 3. Tap and hold down the messages until you see the pop-up menu as below


Step 4. Tap on the "Remove" option


how to delete messages on Skype


Note: This method may leave some Skype cookies in your iPhone, please come to the Tutorial 2 and find an effective method to completely wipe out unneeded Skype data from your iPhone device.


Tutorial 2. How to Delete Messages on Skype from iPhone with iOS Data Eraser



Step 1. Download and install iOS Data Eraser on a computer


Step 2. Open iOS Data Eraser on the computer and then attach your iPhone


Step 3. Click on the "Erase Private Data"


Step 4. Locate the Skype messages that you want to delete


Step 5. Type "delete" to confirm the deleting request


Step 6. Click on the "Erase Now" button


how to delete messages on Skype


You are supposed to back up existing your iPhone data before you use iOS Data Eraser to remove your Skype files. Besides, iOS Data Eraser enables to clean up cookies, caches and other junk files without any possibility of recovery.


How do you delete messages on Skype permanently? Do you have other good ways to remove unneeded Skype chat history? If you have, please tell us so that we can make a further discussion.