How to Completely Delete Kik Chat History on iPhone

Why do so many people like to make conversation with families, friends and coworkers via Kik Messenger? I think that one of the reasons is that Kik Messenger allows users to send and receive text messages, images and other attachments so that people can share feelings with others regardless of time and space.  Moreover, Kik enables users to have a group chat as well. However, we won't talk about the Usages of Kik here. We are going to display three methods to delete Kik chat history on iPhone in this article.


how to delete your Kik messages 


Reasons for deleting Kik chat data on iPhone

The running speed of your iPhone will slow down due to Kik messages taking up too much space on your iPhone. At times, you will need to delete personal and sensitive messages so that those data can be protected from being stolen or used in bad ways when someone held your iPhone.

How to Delete Your Kik Messages on iPhone

We will respectively display three different ways for you to delete message data on your Kik app. You can choose any method to wipe your Kik messages out of your iPhone and speed up the device.


Method 1. Erase Kik conversations on iPhone


You can delete a specific Kik chat history on your iPhone after doing the succeeding steps.

Step 1. Open your Kik app on iPhone

You will see every Kik conversation as well as contacts on iPhone screen


Step 2. Choose and delete Kik messages

You need to select a message that you wish to erase and then swipe to the right. After that, you can tap on the "Delete" option to delete the selected message.

how to delete your Kik on iPhone 


Method 2. Delete Whole Kik Chat History from iPhone

This method helps you to remove all of your Kik data like text messages and photos out of your iPhone.


Step 1. Run Kik Messenger app

Step 2. Tap "Settings" and "Your Account"

Step 3. Select "Reset Kik" after Scrolling down

You are required to hit on the "Yes" button to start the process of erasing your entire Kik chat data.


Note: Some of your Kik message data are not actually wipe out from your iPhone. Some people are still able to recover those contents from your iOS device. Hence you may need to completely clean them via iOS Data Eraser. Do you know how to permanently delete Kik with iOS Data Eraser? If so, you can read the last method instruction below.

how to delete your Kik chat history from iPhone 


Method 3. Ultimately Take Out Kik Messages by Using iOS Data Eraser


For privacy protection, you should insure that your deleted private data on Kik are unrecoverable. iOS Data Eraser supports to permanently erase private data, such as messages, contacts, photos, videos, notes, call logs and reminders with several simple clicks.



Step 1. Launch iOS Data Eraser and connect iPhone to computer

how to delete your Kik - connect devices 

Step 2. Click "Erase Private Data"

iOS Data Eraser will automatically detect your Kik files on iPhone

how to delete your Kik - scan and analyze 

Step 3. Delete Kik message data

You ought to click "Erase Now" after you select the items that you want to remove. 

how to delete your Kik - erase data