How to Delete Data from iPhone Completely?

North Korea says that they successfully finished the test of new ballistic missile in 21 May, 2017. And Kim Jong-un, the national leader, has been spotted at the place where the missile was launched. Kim is famous for his attitude about developing national missile system. But he is also well known for his favor of iPhone. He was taken many photos when he was holding an iPhone. He even bought officials iPhone as gift! Kim Jong-un definitely won’t miss the release of iPhone 8.


If he wants to sell his iPhone and get an iPhone 8, what would he do to deal with his old iPhone then? I guess he may consider about how to delete data from iPhone completely. As a leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un’s cell phone security is top priority. So he needs to make sure his data won’t be leaked out in any way.


In fact, everyone should attach important to phone security. Nowadays, a smartphone stores a lot of personal information of user, and criminals often use phone data to do bad things. The leakage of privacy will get people into trouble and break peace and safe life. Therefore, when you resell your iPhone, the most important thing is to delete data from iPhone permanently and make sure nobody can get your info from the phone.


Now the question is how to delete iPhone data completely?


Apple has already offered default factory setting to help iPhone users erase their iPhone. However, people can’t 100% erase iPhone data in that mode. There are still several methods to recover the data which is cleaned in iPhone’s factory setting mode. In that case, iPhone users are concerned about using other method to solve this problem.


If you are an iPhone user and want to to delete iPhone data permanently, you can try an app called iOS Data Eraser. This app has intuitive interfaces and no one can recover its erased data.


Here is the main screenshot of this app.

delete data from iphone

In this picture, you can see several choices for you to delete data from iPhone. You can choose to deleted some data such as photos data. Moreover, you can select “Erase All Data” and then this app will help you to wipe all data on your iPhone completely.


All in all, iOS Data Erase can help you protect your privacy when you want to reset iPhone data for resale. It is easy and safe, too. If you want to erase your iPhone data, you can download it from here: