How to Deactivate Kik on iPhone - Completely Erase Kik Messages and Files

Kik messenger, also called Kik, is an instant messaging mobile application which is very popular among mobile users. This freeware is available free of charge on iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems. Kik allows users to transmit and receive messages, photos, videos, sketches, mobile webpages and many other content. However, sometimes you will just need to know how to deactivate Kik.

how to deactivate Kik account


There are reasons why you might need to deactivate Kik or delete Kik account and data from your iPhone. And without doubt, storage and privacy are the two major reasons. Just like WhatsApp, Kik generates and stores a large number of data on your iPhone, for example, Kik chat history and media files. These files can occupy a lot of storage space of the device and can slow down the phone. So to optimze you iPhone and and improve its performance, it is good to clean up the app and erase Kik.


In addition, you may need to deactivate Kik account if you don’t want other to access you Kik data. The Kik messages and chat history may contain important info and private data that you don’t want them to expose to others. So it is necessary to erase Kik from your iPhone permanently.


How to Deactivate Kik and Delete Kik from iPhone?

If you decide to erase Kik from your iPhone, you should make sure that you’ve backed up all Kik data or that you don’t need them any more. This is because once you delete Kik account from your iPhone, all Kik data including chat history and files will be removed. And below is how to deactivate Kik.

1. Open Settings of the Kik and then tap "Your Account".

2. Press Reset.

3. Then enter the Email address associated with the account on Kik deactivation website.

4. You will receive a confirmation email asking you to deactivate the app. Just click on the link and confirm the Kik deactivation action.

After the Kik deactivation, all your Kik data will be removed from your iPhone, including Kik chat message, voice messages and mdeia files. However, just like the data on your iPhone, Kik data  could be recovered with the help of some professional recovery tool, even though they have been deleted. If you want to erase Kik completely and make sure the data is unrecovreable, iOS Data Eraser may be your great helper.


Note: If you want to register with Kik again, you will need to sign up for a new account with a different Email address because the previous associated Email has been recognized by Kik website.



How to Completely Erase Kik Data without Recovery?

When you want erase Kik data permanently so no one else can get a chance to recover them from your iPhone, you can use the data erasing program. iOS Data Eraser offers 5 different erasing modes for you to choose: Express Cleanup, Photo Compressor, Erase Deleted Files, Erase Private Data and Erase All Data. You can choose the mode according to your needs. And below is how to delete a Kik account from iPhone and erase all Kik data permanently using iOS Data Eraser. Beofre you get started, please download and install iOS Data Eraser on your computer.


Step 1: Launch iOS Data Eraser

After you install iOS Data Eraser, start this iOS data erasing app.


Step 2: Connect iPhone to PC

Now connect your iPhone to the computer via USB data cable.

how to deactivate kik 

Step 3: Choose Erasing Mode

After the program detects your iPhone, you should choose an erasing mode from the 5 modes and then start scanning your iPhone.

how to deactivate kik - erase data 

Step 4: Eraser Scanned Kik Data

Now select the Message (contains Kik data) from the scanning results and then click “Erase Now” to erase Kik messages and files.


Above are methods on how to deactivate Kik from iPhone and how to delete a Kik account completely using iOS Data Eraser. By choose this iOS data erasing program, you can free up space on iPhone and protect your privacy.