How to Completely Reset iPhone for Resale or Troubleshooting?

If you are going to sell or donate your iPhone, or take it to the store for repairing, it is necessary for you to reset the device. This will help you delete your personal infromation (e.g., Apple ID, Facebook account, email account and password) and remove all data content including media files, apps, documents and so on. So how to completely reset iPhone so as to protect your privacy and data from exposure?


Besides, as your iPhone gets “older” with data piling up on it, it sometimes doesn’t function well. And you will encounter errors of this or that program or app. So resetting your iPhone will not only bring it back to a clean slate, but also troubleshoot software errors on your iPhone. But if not necessary, no one would like to restore his iPhone to its original factory settings. This is because it seems for many users that it is a complex project.


However, it is quite simple to reset iPhone for resale or whatever reasons. You will be required to input your Apple ID and password if you want to perform a factory reset. You have the option to reset your iPhone via Settings, General, Reset, Erase all content and settings. You just need to choose the one according to your needs. Sometimes you just don’t have to erase everything. For example, when your iPhone locks up. In this case, you just need to perform a soft reset for your iPhone.


How to soft reset an iPhone or iPad

Occassionally, your iPhone locks up and none of the buttons enables you to restart it. Then you will need to soft reset. Press on the power button and home button down at the same time until the device turns off and you see the Apple logo. And soon you can use the device as normal. This soft reset won’t erase any of your data.


How to Reset iPhone?

Resetting your iPhone to factory settings will delete data from iPhone, so it is suggested that you should backup the iPhone and data before you reset iPhone. You can backup iPhone to PC, iTunes or iCloud. After that, you can follow below steps to reset your iPhone.


Step 1: On your iPhone screen, tap Settings > General. Scroll down until you see Reset.


Step 2: Tap Erase All Content and Settings. If you have set a Passcode or a Restrictions Passcode, you will need to enter the password to start the reset.


Step 3. Input your Apple ID password. This is so the account can be removed from your device, and Find My iPhone can be switched off.


Step 4. Wait until the reset process is completed, this will taka minute or two. After that, you will see the welcome screen on you iPhone.


How to Completely Reset iPhone?

However, the data erased from your iPhone using factory reset can be recovered with some professional data recovery apps. So how to completely reset iPhone and make sure they are unrecoverable? You can use an iOS data erasing tool. iOS Data Eraser is one of the best data erasing apps to help you erase data using 5 different modes. And you can refer to below tutorials.



Step 1: Start iOS Data Eraser on PC

After you download and install iOS Data Eraser on your computer, start the program.


Step 2: Connect iPhone to PC

Now connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable.

how to completely reset iphone 

Step 3: Choose Erase Mode

Now choose one from the 5 modes to erase data depending on your needs. You can erase private data, deleted files solely or just erase all data.

how to completely reset iphone - erase data permanently 

Step 4: Delete Data on iPhone

After you choose an erasing mode, just click “Erase Now” to delete iPhone data permanently.



After you learn how to completely reset iPhone, you can sell it without worry about privacy leakage.