How to Clear Cache on iPhone Efficiently

Cache plays an important role in performing an iPhone. However, when your iPhone device save too many cache files, the iOS will get clogged up and the running speed will be slow down. To avoid this circumstance, you should clean up your unwanted cache from iPhone device.


In this post, we will present three different ways on how to clear cache on iPhone, including using iOS Data Eraser and using the built-in features on iPhone. All of the methods has pros and cons. Hence you need to pick out them by judging your situation and requirement with caution before utilize those methods to remove unnecessary cache files. Now, let start with looking at the instructions of how iOS Data Eraser helps you clean caches on iPhone.


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Part 1. How to Clear Cache on iPhone with iOS Data Eraser


As a powerful iOS cleaner, iOS Data Eraser is capable to eliminate 30 types of junk files including caches and then speed up your iPhone. It allows you to preview files before clearing so that you will never worry about the potential risks of deleting wrong files. After thoroughly scanning your iOS device, you can clean stubborn caches!



Step 1. Download and install iOS Data Eraser on your computer

Step 2. Launch iOS Data Eraser and connect your iPhone to your computer.

Step 3. Click on "iOS Optimizer" on the homepage of iOS Data Eraser

Step 4. Click on the "Start Scan" button to scan cache files on your iPhone

Step 5. Select items that you want to remove from iPhone

Step 6. Click on the CleanUp button to clear your iPhone cache


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Part 2. How to Clear App Cache on iPhone


Since the iOS 8.3 and later iOS version will prevent third-party apps from accessing to app cache files which are running on iPhone, you may nee to remove junk files on app by reinstalling the related application on your iPhone as below.


Step 1. Turn on your iPhone and then tap the Setting icon

Step 2. Navigate to "General > Storage & iCloud Usage"

Step 3. Tap on Manage Storage and then select the app which takes up a lot of iPhone space

Step 4. Tap on the "Delete App" option to uninstall the selected app

Step 5. Go to the App Store to download and re-install it


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Part 3. How to Clear iPhone Cache on Safari


When you use Safari to browsing website, there will be a lot of web browsing cache generated on your iPhone. Luckily, you can simply wipe out these Safari cache from your iDevice as follow.


Step 1. Head to Settings icon on your iPhone

Step 2. Scroll down to find Safari app and then tap it

Step 3. Choose the "Clear History and Website Data" option to clear cache and all other information in Safari, such as browsing history, passwords, etc.


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All in all, the mentioned solutions on how to clear cache on iPhone are simple and effectively. After you use them to clear up your iPhone space, you won't be tormented by the sluggishly running speed of the iOS!