How to Clear App Cache on iPhone for Better Performance?

So do you miss the excellent experience when you first get your iPhone after you use it for some time? I really do. As time goes on, your iPhone seems not perform so well as before because more and more apps are installed on your iPhone. And the more you use the apps, the more cached files you will have. Though the cache files are to accelerate some specific app, they have a negative effect on other apps and the iOS system, which will definitely slow down your iPhone. Besides, cached files sometimes take more space than you can imagine. They can be found in most apps on your iPhone, among which Safari is known to us all. So how to clear app cache on iPhone so as to improve performance?


Many iOS apps offer an option to allow users to clear app caches, cookies and other junk files. For example, Safari allows you to clear caches, cookies and browsing history. It might be OK for you to clear caches of one or two apps. However, according to my years of experience in using iPhone, clearing caches of one or two or three apps doesn’t make much difference as there are dozens of apps on your iPhone. So it would not be a good idea to manually clear cache for all apps, unless you have the time and patience. Otherwise, you will be driven crazy by this huge project. Some may choose to uninstall the apps and then reinstall them later. But that also takes a amount of time. What’s the effective way? In this case, a third-party tool like iOS Data Eraser can relieve your pain in clearing caches. 

Grinding a chopper will not hold up the work of cutting firewood. You just need to download and install iOS Data Eraser on your computer and you can free up more space for your iPhone and make it work as smoothly as it used to do.


To help you out how to clear app cache on iPhone, here are the step-by-step tutorials in case you need it.


Step 1: Connect iPhone with Computer

Use the USB cable to connect your iPhone with your computer where you install iOS Data Eraser. Then the app will locate your iPhone.


Step 2: Choose Data Type for Erasing

Once the app detects your iPhone, choose data that you want to erase.

clear app cache on iPhone - connect to PC


Step 3: Choose Data Erasing Model

There are 3 types of data erasing models for you to choose, each with different security level. Choose one model according to your needs.

choose app cache erasing model


Step 4: Clear App Caches

The final move is to click “Erase Now” and then the apps will be erased, including the underneath app caches and cookies. 

clear app cache on iPhone

And that all for how to clear app cache on iPhone tutorials. Any comment or suggestion is warmly welcome.