How to Clear App Cache on iPhone in Easy Ways

Do you notice that your iPhone has run more slowly than ever before? In fact, your iPhone won't operate as smoothly as a brand new iPhone because its space is occupied by caches and junk files. As time goes by, more and more unwanted files are stored on your iPhone. If you don't know how to clear app cache on iPhone, you are unable to wipe out those unused data like app caches and then speed up your iPhone.


There is a wide variety of apps installed in iPhone. Those apps are creating cache data while you are using them. Most of the caches are useless but taking up space, which results in delay of system response and rejection of installing a new app. Therefore, it is essential for iPhone users to learn more methods about how to clear app cache on iPhone. Just like Android smartphone users, you can use a third party data cleaner app to clear caches and other unwanted files on iOS device. Such kind of software is capable to erase any types of files on your mobile phone. And we will introduce iOS Data Eraser for iOS users in this article. Besides, we will tell you how to clear iPhone cache with the build-in function of iPhone.



Part 1. How to Clear App Cache Files and Junk Data on iPhone by Using iOS Data Eraser


iOS Data Eraser provides you with a handy and safe way to remove your iPhone caches, junk files, browsing history, cookies and so on. You can get rid of redundant iPhone data with a couple of clicks. Moreover, you can clean private info, specific files and even all data with iOS Data Eraser.



Step 1. Install iOS Data Eraser on your computer


After you download and set up iOS Data Eraser onto your PC or Mac, you should launch this program and connect your iPhone with your computer.


Step 2. Click on the "1-Click Cleanup" button from the following window


iOS Data Eraser will scan your iPhone data. Then it will display app caches and junk files on its main interface.

how to clear app cache on iPhone using iOS data eraser

Step 3. Select and Erase caches

You should check the item that you want to wipe out from your iPhone and then click on the "CleanUp" button to free up your iPhone space.

how to clear app cache on iPhone using iOS data eraser 

Part 2. How to Clear Cache on iPhone with iPhone Function

You can erase some iOS apps cache, temporary files, cookies and more via the build-in app features on iPhone. Here we will elaborate on a step-by-step tutorial about how to remove Safari cache on iPhone in the succeeding section.


Step 1. Go to Settings and tap Safari


Step 2. Select the "Clear History and Website Data" option


iPhone will automatically start to clean your safari cache data, cookies and other temporary files.

how to clear app cache on iPhone 


Above are two solutions about how to clear app cache on iPhone that we focus today. If you have other approaches, you can write them down in the comment area.