How to Block Text Messages on iPhone 7 Or 7 Plus

What are you thinking about when you bother with text message spam? Let me guess. Is that how to block text messages on iPhone as soon as possible? If so, I would like to congratulate you on your opportunity to do it easily with iOS 10.


With the release of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple unveiled lots of great features of iOS 10, such as the improvements to Apple Music, News, Mail, widgets, the Lock screen and much more. Moreover, it provides you with the service of preventing unknown text message on iPhone. In other words, you can simply block spam text messages and iMessages by blocking specific phone numbers.


If you wish to stop getting bothering call, junk messages for unwanted services or products on your iPhone 7, you can take a few minutes to read this article which will present three different ways to filter spam text message, SMS, iMessages, junk mail and more.

how to block text messages on iPhone - block spam 


Part 1. How to Block Text Messages on iPhone by Training iMessage


This method is to set up your message app to identify spam text messages and reject them from your iPhone.


Step 1. Go to "Settings > Messages"


Step 2. Turn on "Filter Unknown Senders" option


Step 3. Run Messages app and then tap "Unknown Senders"

You will be directed to a screen that shows your manually filtered messages


Step 4. Tap on the junk messages to see the details

You can tap the "Report Junk" link which is under the message in order to report the messages as a spam.


how to block text messages on iPhone - report spam 


Part 2. How to Block Text Messages on iPhone with iOS 10


iOS 10 allows iPhone users to apply third party apps like Hiya Spam Protection to block spams of both text messages and voice call as well as to report numbers which belong to the spammers. Apart from using third party software to check and filter spam phone number, there are other two methods to block irritating spam messages and unknown calls with iOS 10. How do you block text messages on iPhone then? Here are the two methods.


Method 1. Make A Block List of Contacts

Step 1. Navigate to "Settings"

Step 2. Scroll down and then go to "Phone > Call Blocking & Identification"

Step 3. Hit on the "Add New…" option to detect your contacts

Step 4. Select the contact that you want to block on your iPhone

how to block text messages on iPhone - make a block list 


Method 2. Manually Blocking

Step 1. Open Phone app


Step 2. Tap on the "Recents" option on the bottom


Step 3. Tap the small blue icon that is next to the contact

You can selectively block some contacts by flagging them after you hit the blue icon on the right side.


Step 4. Tap the "Block this caller" button after you scroll down the screen

how to block text messages on iPhone 

That's all about how to block text messages on iPhone with iOS 10. Those methods do well in filtering spammers. You can opt for them depending on your preference and demand.