How to Block Numbers on iPhone

It is a nuisance that endlessly unwanted phone calls keep ringing all the time. If you feel uncomfortable with pesky calls like cold calls and other harassing calls, you can try to block those phone numbers which belong to telemarketers or unwanted persons.

iPhone block number


In this article, we will propose two methods on how to block numbers on iPhone and tell you how to unblock phone number on your iPhone device. The presented methods will help you to prevent annoying phone calls easily and efficiently. If you are suffering from continually receiving buzzes which are made by people who want to sell you unneeded products, you can put those people into a blacklist in the following ways.


Part 1. How to Block Numbers on iPhone by Using Settings


You can shield phone calls in Settings on your iPhone. In addition, you can block messages and FaceTime from the Settings on your mobile phone. Here are the detailed steps for this method.


Step 1. Turn on iPhone and then go to Settings

Step 2. Opt for the "Phone" option

Step 3. Press on "Blocked" and then choose "Add New…"

Step 4. Tapping the phone numbers that you want to block

how to block numbers on iPhone 


Part 2. How to Block Numbers on iPhone with Phone App


Aside the above method, you can directly block phone numbers from the Phone app in your handset. Now let's see how to block them after you go to the Phone app.


Step 1. Run your iPhone and navigate to the Phone App

Step 2. Tap on "Recents" and then pinpoint the contact number which your wish to block

Step 3. Tap on the blob.png icon which is next to your selected number

Step 4. Choose "Block this Caller"

Step 5. Confirm your conduction by tapping on "Block Contact"

how to block numbers on iPhone



Part 3. How to Unblock A Number on iPhone 

If you want to remove a phone number from your blacklist to unblock it on your iPhone, you are supposed to do as follows.


Step 1. Launch the Phone app in your iPhone device

Step 2. Press on Recents and then tap on the blob.png icon

Step 3. Tap on "Unblock this Caller"

how to unblock a number on iPhone 

Note: you can also unblock iPhone block number like this: Tap on "Settings > Phone > Blocked > Add New…" and then select a phone number that you expect to unblock. After that, you can tap "Edit > Unblock".