How to Backup WhatsApp to PC with iPhone Data Transfer?

My sister asked me how to backup WhatsApp to PC this Saturday. She wants to back up some of her WhatsApp pictures to her personal computer so that she can free up her iPhone space by deleting those pictures on iPhone. She has been using a 16 GB iPhone 6 for years, and still don't know how to back up her WhatsApp data. And this situation reminds me that maybe I can post an article which demonstrates some solutions to backing up WhatsApp data from iPhone to PC.


Before I present solutions which help iPhone users to backup WhatsApp to PC, I would like to talk something about WhatsApp first.


backup WhatsApp to PC 


WhatsApp is renowned as a convenient and useful social communication software. It enables users to send and receive messages, pictures and other kinds of media data forthwith. It makes online communication easier and quicker. We use WhatsApp to make conversation and share photo or something else. As a result, our iPhone will save more and more WhatsApp data. Therefore, some iPhone users who have small storage like my sister will need to transfer their WhatsApp chats to PC. Moreover, iPhone users backup WhatsApp to PC in order to insure the security of their important WhatsApp conversation contents such as messages and photos.


So how can iPhone uses back up their WhatsApp to computer? Here are three solutions to backing up WhatsApp.


Solution 1. Email WhatsApp Chat

You can back up your WhatsApp chat via sending email to computer by doing the following steps.


Step 1. Run your WhatsApp and open the conversation you would like to save

Step 2. Tap the name of contacts or group subject in the navigation bar

Step 3. Scroll down and find "Email Conversation"

Step 4. Choose the media if you want to transfer them

Step 5. Type your email address and sent the email

Step 6. Sign in your email account on your PC and download it.




This solution will need much time and doesnt allow iPhone users to transfer a large number of media data due to the limitation of media attachment size.


Solution 2. Backup WhatsApp Messages And Photos by Using iTunes

iTunes supports to back up all the contents on iPhone, including WhatsApp data. You can connect your iPhone to computer and launch iTunes. And then you can select your iPhone as the device on iTunes. After that, you need to click on "Back Up Now" button. PS: this solution aims to back up all your iPhone data besides WhatsApp in one backup file.




Solution 3. Back up WhatsApp Data with iPhone Data Transfer

There is a third-party app called iPhone Data Transfer which enables iPhone users to back up WhatsApp data with one click. Moreover, it allows users to preview WhatsApp data as an HTML file for reading or printing. Below is the tutorial about backing up WhatsApp messages to PC.



How to back up WhatsApp messages to computer


Step 1. Connect iPhone to computer and launch iPhone Data Transfer


Step2. Click on "WhatsApp Transfer, Backup& Restore"



Step 3. Choose "Backup WhatsApp message"



Step 4. Click on "Backup" after your iPhone is recognized by iPhone Data Transfer



Step 5. Check your backup files when the backing up process finishes



Note: iPhone Data Transfer allows users to view the details of WhatsApp backup files. Therefore, you can selectively restore the messages which you want to recover after previewing.


Above are all of the solutions that I know to backup WhatsApp to PC. Hope this article can help you.