Kik Tips: How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You on Kik?

Being a cross-platform messaging app, Kik is pretty hot these days because of its adorable features while requiring no mobile phone number for registration. That's the biggest difference from other messaging apps like WhatsApp. Kik does values users' privacy, so you might not be surprised at the system's allowing users to block their contacts on Kik, without their awareness. Have you come across such a situation: you send a message to someone on Kik, but never receive any response? If you were there, there might be a chance that you've been blocked by him or her. But that’s not always true. So how do you know if someone blocked you on Kik?


This article will talk about getting to know "who blocked me on Kik". Since Kik emphasizes privacy, it will surely not notify you when you are blocked by someone. But there are ways to follow and below are some Kik tips.


Tip 1: Check "D" & "R" & "S" 

To check if someone has blocked you on Kik, you can use "D" & "R" rule. Whenever you send a message on Kik, you can see there is a small "D" to the left of the message. So what does D mean on Kik? This "D" stands for "delivered", which means your message has been delivered sucessfully. Once the user that you are trying to reach actually receives the message, the "D" becomes an "R", which means he or she has "received" your message. If the "D" does not change to "R", then you have been blocked by the receiver. Sometimes you may see an "S" which means your message has been sent to Kik server.

how do you know if someone blocked you on kik 

Note: If you are blocked by someone, you can still send Kik messages but the messages wil not be received.



Tip 2: Check if You Can Start a Group with Them

Actually you can find out who has blocked you on Kik messenger by starting a group with the contacts on your Kik account. If they haven't blocked you, you can chat with them in the group without difficulty. On the contrary, if they have blocked you, you will get a prompt message saying "You cannot start a group with people you're not chatting with".


Backup Kik Messages in Case of Any Situation

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