Best Websites for Creative and Good Kik Names and Ideas

After you download and install the Kik app on your iPhone or other devices, you may put your hands to signing up for a Kik account. And you need to set a Kik username and a display name. So what name will you use for your Kik account? If you are thinking about getting your account a special and good Kik name, you should stop for a while and look for a good Kik username idea.


The Kik username is unique and it is the identity of your account which is the key others can find you on Kik. And once you set up the Kik username, you can’t change it, though you can change the display name. So it is important to get some good Kik names for the final decision. A unique and good Kik username can be significant.


So where and how can you find creative Kik names? Below we will share some websites for you to search for best Kik names. In addition, we will also offer an easy solution for you to transfer Kik messages from iPhone to computer so you will always have a backup to restore.



Best Websites for Search for Cute & Good Kik Name Ideas

Kik Login Online 

Although this site does not offer you too many Kik username ideas, with a total number of 40 names to choose, you can still enlarge the options by rearranging the words of the names and you can get a unique username then.


Good Kik Names Listed by Appamatix

You may get lost in the long list of thousands of Kik usernames provided by Appamatix site. But just take your time to scroll down the list and pick up a cute Kik username that shows your identity.


SpinXO is a little smart because before offerring you the list of good Kik usernames, it will ask you some questions that will be used as clues for the new usernames. And then it will generate usernames for you to choose.

Nickname Generator

This will take you some time because it will require you to answer 15 questions before you can get the names. But all good things are worth of your time and effort. Think of the best Kik usernames you will get!



Not knowing what username to use for your Kik account? KidPub offers you 101 set of random names for you to choose. But don’t hold a high expectation for that because you may end up with a featureless username. Yet, no one can tell and you can still have a try.


Jimpix is the ideal solution to generate usernames. This website offers you a lot of different cute Kik usernames in different categories.



Just as its name indicates - station of names, it offers you some good Kik username ideas. If you haven’t decided your Kik username yet, this may be your inspiration.


How to Backup Kik Messages and Attachments?

Kik doesn’t store all your messages on your iPhone. As a matter of fact, you can view only 1000 recent messages within the last 48 hours while having the access to 500 older messages. So it is good to transfer Kik messages from iPhone to computer so you can view them on computer whenever you want. Besides, the Kik messages on computer can be used as backup when you need to restore them back onto your iPhone. And iPhone Data Transfer offers you an easy way to backup iPhone Kik data to PC/Mac. Below are the steps:


Step 1: Start iPhone Data Transfer

After iPhone Data Transfer gets installed on your computer, start the program.  

Step 2: Connect iPhone to PC

Now connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable. And iPhone Data Transfer should detect your iPhone.


Step 3: Browse File and Transfer Kik Data

You can browse your iPhone data in the interface of iPhone Data Transfer. You can preview and  choose Kik data you want to transfer. Choose a destination folder on your computer and click “Start” to transfer Kik messages from iPhone to computer.