Good Helper for You to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone 7

Hi! Guys. We have diversified life in this information age. And it is quite obvious in the situation of the ownership and use of mobile phone. People have different kinds of phone such as iPhone, Samsung or Blackberry, etc.. Probably one person holds more than 2 types of cell phones. If you have a Samsung and an iPhone 7, you would have trouble sometime when you want to transfer data from phone to phone. You may want to transfer data from android to iPhone 7. Well, what should we do now?

We know that these two types of phone are supported in different operating systems. Samsung is one of the best Android phone at this time, and iPhone has a quite perfect operating system - iOS. And there are two common ways to transfer data as bellow.

1. Transfer through cloud storage: upload Android data onto the network disk, and download the data onto iPhone 7.

2. Transfer through the computer: pass data from your Android phone to the computer via USB cable, and transfer data from android to iPhone 7 through computer. 

The first method requires you to upload files before downloading, the speed of transferring data depends on the speed and stability of the WI-FI. So we will need a lot of time when larger files are switching from Android to iPhone 7. In the second method, we need to prepare two data cables in advance, and install iTunes. Some people may think these two methods are tiresome. They want a simple and efficient way.

For that requirement, I recommend an app to help you. It isPhone to Phone Transfer. This app can quickly transit data between different operating systems including iOS, Android and Symbian. It solves your problems in transferring data like SMS, contacts, photos, videos, audio, call logs, apps and etc. You just need a few clicks and the whole transferring thing can be done.


Now let me show those steps to you. You can try as bellow after downloading and installing the app.  

1. Click “Phone to Phone Transfer”

Click the blue square after installing.

transfer data from android to iPhone 7 - start app

2. Connect Both Phones to Computer

Make sure your mobile devices are linked to your computer.

3. Choose Items You Need to Transfer

You can transfer data from Android to iPhone 7 after you select all the items you want to switch.

transfer data from android to iPhone 7 - choose and transfer photos

This app is a good helper for saving your time for transferring phone data. After installing this app, you also don’t need to worry about how to transfer photos from Samsung to iPhone. So you can share our photos of life easier and quicker.