How to Get iTunes support videos to iPhone

"XXX was not copied to the iPhone because it cannot be played on this iPhone". You may get an alert like this when you use iTunes to transfer video onto your iPhone device. Why does this error happen? The reason is that the format of transferred video is not iOS supported format. In that case, you can't use iTunes to play such a video as well. What kinds of video type does iTunes support? Well, formats which end in ".mov", ".m4v", or ".mp4" can be played and transferred with iTunes.


In fact, only some peculiar formats can be performed on iOS device. If you want to play videos which are not from iTunes Store, you may need to convert the videos format. Fortunately, iTunes provides a function which enables iOS users to create iTunes support videos. Furthermore, there is an intelligent program - iPhone Data Transfer. It can be utilized to convert transfer any videos onto iDevice. Here we will focus on introducing the instructions of these two app. You can pick out one of them to sync videos to iPhone, iPod and iPad.



Part 1. Use iTunes to Convert Video Files to iPhone Version

Step 1. Open iTunes on your computer

Step 2. Select the video file which won't migrate to iPhone

Step 3. Click "File" on the top in iTunes

Step 4. Click on "Create New Version" option

Step 5. Select "Create iPod or iPhone version"




Note: If you cannot transfer videos to iPhone, you can try this methods first. Nonetheless, this feature has lots of inconveniences. For example, you will loss tremendous quality or get an overwhelming big file since you can't modify conversion settings with iTunes. If you can't satisfy to use iTunes for syncing, you can come to Part 2 and see a simpler transfer process.


Part 2. Use iPhone Data Transfer to Copy Videos to iPhone


Does iTunes support to sync video without data loss? We are sure about that. But iPhone Data Transfer is capable of moving video data onto iPhone and erase no files that are existing on the mobile phone. Besides, it is an iTunes alternative tool which perfectly transfer videos and more from computer to your iPhone easily.



Step 1. Open iPhone Data Transfer

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to computer

Step 3. Set the video format that you want to iPhone Data Transfer to convert to

Step 4. Go to the page as below to manage your iPhone content

Step 5. Click on Videos and then choose Movies, Home Videos or TV Shows

Step 6. Hit on the "+" button and browse the videos on your computer

Step 7. Select the video that you want to move

Step 8. Click "Open" to start transfer videos to your iPhone




Part 3. More Info of iPhone Data Transfer


Enables to converts all incompatible videos to iPhone, such as MKV, AVCHD, M2TS, WMV, AVI and so on

Automatically optimize the video and audio quality according to your device's standard during transferring

Transfer iTunes support videos from Among iPhone, computer and iTunes library

Transfer photos, music, books, and contacts to iDevice without limits