How to Get free In App Purchases with Jailbreak

In-App purchases, known as IAPs, are extra content or subscriptions that you can buy in apps on your iOS device or computer. There are four main types of IAPs: consumables, non-consumables, non-renewing subscriptions, and renewing subscriptions. In app purchases are paid options in a free app. In app purchases can include unlimited coins, power-ups, and much more.


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In this post, we will introduce four tools to get free In App purchases via Jailbreak. Before present these four tools, let's talk about non-jailbreak option for getting free In-App purchases.


Russian hacker ZonD80 has published a new method to make in-app purchases under the program through the iOS-application completely for free. He offers the so-called in-app proxy method which does not require jailbreaking and can be easily performed even by a novice with three simple steps. ZonD80 demonstrated in the online video this method on how to get free in app purchases without jailbreak.


These method is a new one to find free in-app purchases with no jailbreak and this possibility was given by Russian hacker who launched Russian proxy server to make it functioning. Even ZonD80 asks do not use free in-app purchases with no jailbreak method in App Store. He claims that his proxy server was made to assist developers to learn how better to protect their apps and for Apple to improve their protocols.


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How to Get Free In App Purchases Cydia


This is a collection of the Best Cydia hacks available on the Cydia Store so you’ll have to chose which one is the best fit for you. We hand picked the top 4 In-App purchase. Hacks from the Jailbreak App Store special build for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


Here are what tool that we want to talk about getting free In App Purchases.


1. LocaliAPStore 10.2


Just like its name shows, LocaliAPStore 10.2 is like a store just for in-app purchases apps or an AppStore that allows you to skip the payment. This one stands out from the others because of the support for a large collection of games that require in-app purchases to get you to higher level.


2. iAPFree for iOS 10.2


This Cydia Tweak is more serious than the others, it’s well build and the attention to detail is exquisite. iAPFree 10.2 comes with an endless list of files/presets meant to mimic and simulate the actual purchase.


3. iAPCrazy


This tool is an iAP Cracker alternative. It works in a different way but it also does the job to get free In App Purchases. Just download iAPCrazy and go Crazy with your free in-app purchases.


4. iAP Cracker


iAP Cracker is one of the most popular tools. It bypasses the payment page and redirects directly to the thanks page. Anyway, it is really cool!!!


Note: Enjoy and remember that all of this Tweaks are just a way to see the potential and free In App Purchases of an app and not for ripping the developers. If you like an app of feature, just buy it.


By the way, you should remember that you need to have Cydia installed in order to install these tools, obvious a jailbreaked device and even AppSync installed. Also have a look at openappmkt because it's trending right now.