Free Up iPhone Space with iPhone to PC Transfer App

Have you ever seen the following dialog box pop up on your iPhone when you try to take a picture of a beautiful scene?

iPhone to PC transfer - iPhone cannot take photo


Sometimes this kind of message will drive people crazy, especially when they try to take photos outside but fail. To avoid this situation, iPhone users should concern about their storage and transfer some files to PC at times. When you transfer your iPhone files, a good iPhone to PC transfer app will be helpful.


With the increment of time in using iPhone, more and more iPhone data piles up on iPhone storage. iPhone data such as music, videos and photos occupies your iPhone space quickly. If you don't free up some space by deleting files or transferring some data to PC, your iPhone will run slower and slower. And you will encounter a situation of failing to take photos mentioned above.


To release iPhone space, you can delete useless data from iPhone directly. If there are important data which is not often needed on iPhone, you can transfer data from iPhone to PC and delete them from your iPhone. In this way, you cannot only preserve your valuable data but also free up some space which is occupied by those data.


So how can you transfer iPhone data to your personal computer? Do you want to transfer photos, videos, music and other files in an easy and quick way? If you want to transfer your iPhone data efficiently, you can try an iPhone to PC transfer app - iPhone Data Transfer.


iPhone Data Transfer is compatible with all iOS versions like iOS 8, iOS 10, and the latest iOS 10.3.1. Moreover, it supports all types of data, including audio, video and photos. It offers simple operation to transfer iPhone files.


With all these advantages, iPhone Data Transfer can handle almost all data transfer requirements. Now please allow me to introduce how to transfer data with iPhone Data Transfer. This time, I would like to transfer iPhone photos to PC with this app here.



How to Transfer Your iPhone Photos to PC with iPhone Data Transfer?


PS: This app provides free trial version for iPhone user. You can try it before you decide to buy an official version.


Step 1. Connecting

You are supposed to connect your iPhone to PC and click on "Photos" on the window as below.

 iPhone to PC transfer


Step 2. Choosing

You need to select photos which you want to transfer first. After that, you should click the button on the right sides and start to transfer them to PC.


iPhone to PC transfer



iPhone Data Transfer can transfer other iPhone data as well. And its operative steps are as simple as transferring photos. Furthermore, this iPhone to PC transfer app has other powerful features and you can find out by yourself after you download it.