Eureka! Free Music Download Sites for iPod

Music is wonderful thing. Musician and singer use music to express their feelings as well as encourage or comfort other people. And ordinary people use music for entertainment and relaxation. Moreover, positive music will give people more energy to live and work.


Most people would like to listen to music irrespective of times and space. Therefore, iPod and other portable music player show up. Commonly, iPod users will buy some liked music from Apple Store or iTunes Store so that they can enjoy favorite songs with iPod device in any time. However, today we are going to introduce some free music download sites for you. You can go to the introduced website and then download it onto your iPod for free!


Part 1. Free and Legal Music Download Sites Review

The websites provides with both direct downloads and a torrent tracker. You'll find lots of international music in this site, especially Brazil and Canada songs.


free music download sites is one of the oldest free music download websites. It is a great source for various music genres. It has numerous songs to download. It allows you to download individual songs so that you can preview a certain album and see if it’s worth to buy.


free music download sites, soundowl starts to offer free MP3 files in 2006. You can use Gum Mix streams music to you while you browse. supports available zip and torrent file archives for months.


free music download sites

The website builds the connection between artists and fans by exchanging free music for email addresses and postal codes.


free music download sites


Soundowl enables you to browse music while your playing music with it. You can have better relaxing moment when you are search for new music. By clicking on the song name, You can download your desired song with fun.


free music download sites

Since launched in 2009, it have provided new, free and legal audio downloads directed by WFMU - famous radio station in America. You can easily download free MP3s or other audios to your computer without resignation.


free music download sites


Part 2. How to Get Downloaded Music MP3 on an iPod


You can use the above free music download sites get your wanted songs onto your computer without forking out. But that doesn't means you have already download them to your iPod. To transfer your download music from your computer to iPod, you can utilize iPhone Data Transfer as below.



Step 1. Install and iPhone Data Transfer on your computer

Step 2. Connect your iPod to the computer

Step 3. Click "+" and then pick out the songs

Step 4. Click on the "Open" option to start transferring


free music download sites


Note: Unlike iTunes syncing, iPhone Data Transfer won't wipe out the original music which are saved on iPod in any case. With this program, you can easily transfer songs which come form the above free music download sites.