Free Data Transfer: Make Data Accessing Possible on Multiple Devices?

Although phone manufacturers have been working to improve their products, not only in hardware but also operating systems, it won’t make a big difference in the service life of the mobile devices. That means after using your mobile phone for some time, you need to replace it with another. Sometimes it may be a brand switch or even cross-platform switch, say operating system, from Android to iOS or vice versa. And you need to move the existing data from the old device to the new device. This article will introduce a free data transfer tool that can make data transferring between different mobile devices as easy as ABC. In this way, you can access the data from multiple devices: smart phones, tablets and desktop computers.


But how is it possible? With Phone to Phone Transfer, it is possible. This data transfer software empowers you with the ability to transfer data from one phone to another phone. You can execute the transition between any two of these operating systems: iOS, Android, Symbian, WinPhone and Blackberry. And the data we mention can range from contacts, messages, notes, documents to media files.


You might be worried about upgrading or switching to a new phone, but now with Phone to Phone Transfer, you can easily transfer all data and access the data on other devices without losing anything. Your data is safe and highly secured and can be restored to any mobile device you desire. And the whole process requires only a few clicks and several minutes. Simple and fast!


How to Transfer Data with Free Data Transfer Tool?


Step 1: Download & Install Software

First you should download the free data transfer software and then install on your computer. And you will enter the user interface after you start the software. Now you should choose “Phone to Phone Transfer”.

free data transfer tool user interface


Step 2: Connect Phones with Computer

No matter which two mobile devices you are using, you can get things done. Just connect the two mobile devices with your computer, each using a USB cable.

free data transfer - copy content 

Step 3: Select Content & Transfer

Once the devices are connected, you just need to select the content that you want to transfer by enabling the item box with a tick. And next you can click the “Start Copy” icon to start the transition.

free data transfer - transition


When the transition is completed, click “OK” and then exit the free data transfer app. Now you can access your data on the new device.