How to Unlock Backup if You Forgot iTunes Password?

If you have family and friends who use iPhone, you must have heard or yourself have come across a dozen of problems with iTunes. Here are some of the most common complaints:

# iTunes could not back up the iPhone

# iTunes is not easy to restore my iPhone

# Where to find iTunes backup file?

# How can I unlock backup if I forgot iTunes password?

# Why iTunes does not play music?

# Why iTunes does not allow me to transfer music ripped from DVD?...


I admire Apple for making so many great products, but just as you can see, iTunes does not seem to have a good reputation. Nevertheless, iTunes is still one of the common used solutions for backing up iDevice and data, as well as the nice tool to restore lost data to iDevice. Whether you like or dislike it, iTunes still have a lot of users and it plays an important role in managing data on your iOS devices and Mac. So what if you forgot iTunes password? You might be in trouble: you are unable to access backup, let alone restoring your device.



What is iTunes password

So what is the iTunes password? Why is it so important? Before you get the solution to get back iTunes password, you might need to have a clear understanding of iTunes password. In general, your iTunes password is also the password of your Apple ID that sign up with an email. This account or ID is the key for you to access Apple services such as App Store, iTunes, iCloud and Facetime. So if you forgot iTunes password, you will be refused by all Apple services. Good news is you can reset the password.



How to Reset Apple ID or iTunes Password?

If you forget your Apple ID or iTunes password, don’t worry, you can reset it. There are two methods for you to reset forgotten iTunes password: via and via iCloud


Method 1: Reset iTunes password with

Below are the steps to reset Apple ID password for your iTunes:

1 Open iTunes on your computer and click the account icon to sign in your Apple ID.

2 Click "Forgot?" to go to Apple website -

3 Enter your Apple ID/iTunes account > "Continue" to reset your password for your Apple ID.

There are two ways to help you to find your iTunes password, "Get an Email" or "Answer security questions".

(1) Get an Email

You will soon receive an E-mail in your iTunes account. When you get the E-mail, click the link in your mail and open it to a new window to reset your iTunes password.

(2) Answer security questions

If you choose this way to create new password for Apple ID, you will need to answer questions you set before. If you answer it right, you will then be directed to a screen where you can create your new password for iTunes.



Method 2: Change iTunes password with your iCloud

If you forgot iTunes password, you can use the two-factor authentication method, the built-in security method into iOS 9 and OS X El. You just need to enable your trusted iPhone/iPad/iPod:

(1) Open your iDevice and trust it

(2) Go to "Settings" > "iCloud" > enter your name

(3) Hit "Change Password" to print your new password.


After you do above, you can reset your Apple ID once you forgot iTunes password. And this should not be difficult for you. Just follow the steps. If you are really fed up with iTunes and just want to break up with it, I have something to share with you. You can use an iTunes alternative so you can manage iPhone without iTunes. And iPhone Manager is one of the best choice of this type.