How to Fix: This Accessory May Not Be Supported

This accessory may not be supported. Have you ever received such a message on your iPhone when you try to charge your iPhone. You iPhone won't be capable to charge since you are getting an error message on the screen that says accessory may not be supported.


There are a wide range of reasons that your iPhone may not charge quite as efficiently or as effectively as you had hoped it would. But the accessory problem is one of the most common problems which you are going to bump into. If you’re looking to quickly charge your iPhone without any headache or hassle whatsoever, you can try the following steps.


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Solution: Fix iPhone This Accessory May Not Be Supported


Step 1. Try the other original charging cable for your iOS device.


Step 2. Clean your Apple Accessory.

You can use a pushpin to carefully insert it into your iPhone or iPad charging port, and clean out the pocket lint or debris from the charging port.


Step 3. Plug your charger in

When you get the error message hold your finger on the dismiss button and pull your charger out. While still applying pressure to the screen, plug your charger back in and it should work.


Step 4. Turn off the device with the Lightning plug attached and then restart it.


Step 5. Connect your iPhone to the charging cable.

The error message will appear, so dismiss or ignore it. Next, turn on the Airplane mode in your device. Turn off your iPhone and wait for 1 minute and turn it on again.


We hope these quick fixes can help you get rid of "this accessory may not be supported" message. Besides, I think it is very necessary to clean out the junk file inside your lightning cable and iDevice.


Reasons: Why does this accessory problem occur?


For a variety of different reasons, your iPhone may not exactly be charging exactly as it should be. In fact, some iPhone certainly might not accept non-traditional iPhone accessories or chargers as well as any that are provided by third-party accessory manufacturers. However, some people still tend to buy a knockoff lightning cable to save money. In most cases you will not get "this accessory may not be supported" error just because the cable is not from Apple. The error develops over time, as the quality of the cable is not so great and it becomes damaged.


In conclusion, this message would appear if you were using a cheap, non-Apple charger. But even if you are using an Apple accessory, the error can also happen for the firmware problem with iOS.