How to Fix My iPhone Voicemails Won't Play Issue

My iPhone voicemails are getting strange after I update my iOS version to the latest iOS 11. When I select a voice mail to listen to, I just can't hear anything! What can I do to make my voicemail played normally? How to fix my iPhone voicemails so that I can listen to voice messages? In order to settle down my voicemail problem, I have already done some research before, including the reasons for my situation and a solution to repair my iPhone voicemails. Now I would like to show the results of my research in the following parts.


Part 1. How to Check Voicemail on iPhone Successfully


Please allow me to present the solution to fix malfunction of my iPhone voice messages first and I will illustrate on the detailed steps here.


Step 1. Reboot my iPhone

From my research, hard reset can fix almost every small iPhone error. So I will restart my iPhone to see if voicemail can be played well at the very beginning.



Step 2. Check for Carrier Settings Upgrade

If the Step 1 fails, I need to go to Step 2. Sometime iPhone users are supposed to update carrier settings to enhance Phone app's performance. Otherwise iPhone may pose some problems like iPhone voicemail playing failure. When I find out that I can't listen to messages due to dismissing upgrade info, I will manually update carrier settings as below.


1. Connect your iPhone to a network via Wi-Fi or cellular


2. Go to "Settings > General > About" to check whether there is an update or not


3. Upgrade my carrier settings



Step 3. Make sure that I have right mailbox settings

I will dial my phone number from iPhone and then I will have a chance to check my voice mailbox.


Step 4. Ensure my cellular network connection is good

Step 5. Reset my network settings after navigating to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.


Step 6. Reset my Voicemail Password


Step 7. Contact my carrier


If I still can't fix my iPhone voicemail, I will call my phone carrier for help


Part 2. Why can't iPhone Voicemail play?

Here are some reasons which will lead to malfunction of iPhone voice messages.


1. Voicemails are not loading on iPhonep

2. Phone app crashes in the background

3. Inappropriately change the the voicemail password

4. Wrongly set up the "Voicemail Settings"


Above are all of my research on how to fix my iPhone voicemails won't play. Hope those mentioned staffs can help you.