How to Fix iOS 10 download Failure

Have you ever gotten into the trouble - iPhone unable to download item in ios 10, and still have nothing to do with it? Read this tip to solve the problem fast.


Unable to Download Item, Please Try Again Later. When such a message pops up in your iPhone, you probably will see these words continually even though you tap on the "Retry" button as it asks. Such a message frequently appears when iPhone users upgrade iOS version to iOS 10. And this iOS 10 download error is supposed to attach importance. Since you can't fix this download issue by simply choose the build-in options: "Done" and "Retry", you ought to find out another ways to fix your iPhone.


iOS 10 download


Part 1. Reasons for iPhone Unable to Download Issue


1. Your iPhone loads too many background activities after it keeps itself updating iOS, iTunes Match or iBooks automatically. You can turn off all the background operations to fix.


2. If you facing iOS 10 download problem like that, there is a bug which come with the update of iOS 10 version. Unless Apple repair this bug in a future iOS version, you need to try the following solution to get rid of the Unable to Download Item message in iOS 10. Before you conduct this solution, you can check your network setting and tap Retry first.


Part 2. How to Fix Unable to Download Item iOS 10


Sometimes you encounter this problem even when we do not download anything. This message just shows up for no reason because you are doing nothing with your iPhone. Anyway, you can try the succeeding steps to fix your iPhone the message appears again and again no matter how many times you tap "Done" or "Retry" to discard the message.


Step 1. Open the control center after swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen


Step 2. Press the Airplane Mode to enable it


Step 3. Tap the "Done" option of the message after you enable the Airplane Mode


Step 4. Disable Airplane Mode 20 seconds later and then you will get the iOS 10 download problem solved.


iOS 10 download


How to Download Online Videos to iPhone with iPhone Data Transfer


Do you think that it is difficult and cumbersome to download video online? Do you want to have other methods to get your favorite videos downloaded onto your iPhone without going to the Apple Store? Here is a powerful video downloader to you - iPhone Data Transfer. It is an easy-to-use tool which can help you download online videos fast and freely and then save them to iPhone. It supports download any videos from 900+ websites, including YouTube, Vine, Break, BBC, etc. Besides, iPhone Data Transfer is compatible with iOS 10/9/8/7/6/5.



Step 1. Download and run iPhone Data Transfer on your computer


Step 2. Connect your iPhone to the computer


Step 3. Follow the instructions to download your videos


iOS 10 download


NoteIf you are suffering from iOS 10 download issue that we mentioned above, you can do as the steps which displays in the Part 2 to settle this issue easily and fast.