3 Ways to Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation

Are you sick of iPhone receiving iMessage waiting for activation error on your iPhone after iOS update? What action do you take solve this error? Well, in this post, you will see three methods to fix your iMessage activating issue. If you have different opinions on those methods, please tell us in the comment area in our website.


iMessage waiting for activation


Prior to fixing iMessage waiting for activation, you can do the following thing to check your iPhone setting first.


Firstly, you can check for any Wi-Fi connection which may result in iMessage activation problem.


Secondly, you need to go to Setting > General > Date & Time and check your time zone in order to ensure that is setting correctly.


Thirdly, you should insure that your own phone number are listed in the Phone app. Just go to Setting > Phone > My Number > Enter your number.


Lastly, you should ensure that your iMessage activation are not in limiting conditions after contact your carrier support team.


It is universally acknowledged that iMessage should be activated if people want to use iMessage on iOS device. Also, it is annoying to receive error report says that iMessage is waiting for activation. If you suffer from such a problem, you can attempt the succeeding solutions to fix your iMessage.


Solution 1. Fix iMessage Waiting for Activationn with Airplane Mode


Step 1. Go to Settings and tap Messages

Step 2. Turn off iMessage and FaceTime

Step 3. Place your iPhone into the Airplane Mode and then Wi-Fi will be turned off automatically.

Step 4. Manually turn on Wi-Fi connection

Step 5. Go to Message & FaceTime in Settings again

Step 6. Turn on iMessage and FaceTime.

Step 7. Go back to the top of Settings and turn Airplane Mode off


iMessage waiting for activation


Note: If you using this method to fix iPhone after iMessage says waiting for activation, you will see an email ID and a grayed out number at last. When the number is checked, your iMessage is activated. If you fail to fix your iMessage by using this method, please try the next two tutorials. May be you can find out some useful trick and tip.


Solution 2. Fix iMessage Waiting for Activationn after Apple ID Sign-out and Log-in


Step 1. Go to Settings and tap on Messages

Step 2. Open Send & Receive

Step 3. Tap on your Apple ID and sign out

Step 4. Turn off iMessage

Step 5. Tune off Wi-Fi and then turn it on

Step 6. Turn on iMessage

Step 7. Sign in with your Apple ID now and try to reactivate iMessage


iMessage waiting for activation

Solution 3. Fix iMessage Waiting for Activationn by Resettin Network Settings


Step 1. Navigate to Settings and then tap on General

Step 2. Scroll down to the bottom and tap Reset.

Step 3. Choose Reset Network Settings

Step 4. Enter your password.


iMessage waiting for activation


All in all, when you are facing the "Waiting for Activation" error, you can attempt the above three solution first. They will help you to access to the iMessage and FaceTime on your iOS devices again.