How to Export Contacts After You Login to iCloud

Sometimes you may need to export iPhone contacts from iCloud to computer or your iOS mobile phone. This demand may appears because you lose iPhone contacts from your iOS device or you want to check and print iPhone contact on your computer. If you have sync your iPhone contact data to iCloud, then you just need to login to iCloud to preview and export contact files from your cloud drive. Also, you can restore your iCloud backup files to iPhone so that you can directly check you saved contacts on your smartphone.


Assuming that you just need to export specific contacts from iCloud to iPhone or computer, we would like to suggest you don't restore your iCloud backup as common because all your previous data will be replaced with the backup. At this moment, we prefer to selectively extract contacts from iCloud rather than restoring. Here are two ways login to iCloud account and then access your iCloud to view the contacts you need.


 login to iCloud.jpg


Method 1. Export Contacts from iCloud with iPhone Data Transfer


iPhone Data Transfer offers an all-in-one iOS file management solution to transfer and back up your iPhone content, and also lets you access iCloud contents and iCloud backup files. You can view iCloud contacts, notes, messages, call history and more. You can also download these files to computer in readable format.



Step 1. Run iPhone Data Transfer

Step 2. Click on the "iCloud" icon

Step 3. Log in to icloud by inputing your Apple ID and password

Step 4. Go to the category management page

Step 5. Choose Contacts to check all the iCloud contacts

Step 6. Select the contacts which you need

Step 7. Click "To Computer" button to download the contacts to your computer


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PS: After you login to iCloud in iPhone Data Transfer, you can click the button looks like gear to set the output format of iCloud contacts. What is more? You can also edit, delete the iCloud contacts and even transfer the contacts to another iCloud account directly.


Method 2. Export Contacts from iCloud with a Browser makes you be able to view and manage parts of content on your iCloud for free, such as Mail, Contacts, Notes and Calendar. You can transfer some contact from to your computer as below.


Step 1. Open

Step 2. Enter your iCloud account and password at iCloud login page

Step 3. Click the "Contacts" icon at the main page and go to the contacts page.

Step 4. Export contacts (VCards) to your Mac or Windows computer


 login to iCloud.jpg


Note: You can check all of your contacts and manage your contacts by creating or editing groups/contact. If you want to selectively restore contacts from iCloud or iTunes backup files, you can use iPhone Data Transfer. It supports you to transfer particular iPhone contacts from backup files without covering the previous data on your mobile phone.