Erase iPhone For Resale - A Necessary Way to Protect Privacy

iPhone 8 is on the way! It is said that this latest iPhone will have a better photograph feature and at a higher price. So, are your kidneys ready now? Well, there is a number of people who can’t wait to try this new iPhone. Apple fans will queue day and night in order to get one as soon as it releases. Here comes a small problem. How do you deal with your old iPhone when you have a new one? Will you choose to resell it? If so, do you know how to erase iPhone for resale?

erase iphone for resale 

Reselling your old iPhone may be a pretty good choice after holding iPhone 8 in hand. You can get extra money so that iPhone 8 won’t be that expensive. Your old iPhone can be used by other person who can’t afford iPhone 8 but desire to have an iPhone. It is better than leaving your old iPhone in a drawer or somewhere.


Before you resell your iPhone, something should be done to make sure your personal information won’t be leaked out. One of the most important things is to erase iPhone for resale!


Nowadays, smartphones take a very indispensable part in daily life. People store many kinds of information on them. Personal photos, messages and contacts. The information is almost private. When you leak it out, your peaceful life will be broken because someone uses them to do evil things. For example, you may receive harassing phone calls, messages and emails. Moreover, there will be a lot of fraud threat to you and persons who are in your iPhone contact. In a word, it will make life more secured when you erase iPhone for resale.


When you erase data on iPhone, you need to know that incompletely removal will still put you into the threats mentioned above. You won’t want to get spam messages after you resell the iPhone. So how can you solve this problem and never bother about your privacy?



The answer is iOS Data Eraser. By using this application, you can delete iPhone data permanently. It is very useful you want to empty your databases on iPhone. In addition, it has concise interfaces and simple operation.


In a whole, it is necessary to keep high awareness of protecting privacy on iPhone or any other digital product. If you are not aware of it before, you can start with installing iOS Data Eraser. This app will help you protect your privacy when you resell your iPhone.