How to Erase iPhone Data for Privacy Protection?

Privacy Protection by Erasing iPhone Data

Privacy is a big concern on iPhone because it plays an important role in our daily life, such as text messing, social networking, payment and business. So when we start to think of selling the old device for a new one, the first thing we need to consider seriously is how to prevent our personal information being leaked. In this case, it is great for us to learn how to erase iPhone data.

Speaking of erasing data, most people would think of “Simply Delete” and “Factory Reset”.If you don’t have important data or privacy that would be dangerous to leak, this is the simplest and fast way to delete all your data. Below are the steps on how to achieve that:

Step 1: Tap on 'Settings' icon on iPhone homescreen.

Step 2: Scroll down from the list and choose 'General' option

Step 3: Select 'Reset' at the bottom of the list and choose "Delete All Content and Settings".

However, it is 100% recovery by data recovery software. In fact, after you deleted your data or factory reset your iPhone device, the data themselves still exist on somewhere in the memory and easily be recovered.


For those who want to sell or give iPhone away to someone else entirely, you first need to make sure you've wiped it clean and erased all of your personal data, including your photos, messages, and files. It only takes a few steps, and few minutes, and it makes sure you're data is protected.


So how to erase iPhone data? Before you wiping it, you may have to back up you personal files, for example, here are a few steps you need to do:

1.Make sure your iPhone or iPad is connected to Wi-Fi. (If you're low on power, plug in as well.)

2.Launch Settings from the Home screen.

3.Tap on iCloud.

4.Tap on Backup.

5.Tap on Back Up Now.

how to erase iphone data

In order to completely eliminate all traces of data on your iPhone, you should download professional apps, take “iOS Data Eraser” for an example:

1. Download the app of the right version, the data erase software will be opened automatically and a shortcut will display on computer desktop.

erase iphone data

2. Connect iPhone to a PC and Select Right Erasing Option. Plug the iPhone to computer via USB cable. The program will detect the device once it was well connected.

3. Start Analyzing and Scanning the Data on Your iPhone 

ios data eraser to erase iphone data

4. Select the data you want to erase

ios data eraser to erase caches, history

5. Select the Erasing Algorithm and Start Erasing Everything on iPhone.

 You can change the security level to more completely smash your data without recovery, the High Level will take more time to erase your data.

6. After you erased already deleted data, you must erase all data again from your device by selecting Erase All Data. This time, it will erase all existing data on your device.


After these procedures, your iPhone data will be permanently erased, you can give the phone away or sell it to others without worrying about data leaking.

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