How to Erase Data from iPhone 8 Completely & Permanently?

Privacy is very important and no one would want his or her personal info to be exposed to anyone they don’t know. We need to provide a variety of accounts and other info in our daily life for social networking, bank account, payment and other activities. And we do these things mostly on our smartphones now. So if you have an iPhone 8, you would store or use almost all your private info on the iOS device. But you also need to erase data from iPhone 8 sometimes. For example:

# When you want to sell the iPhone

# When you need to reset the phone and start with a fresh

# If the phone belongs to your company and you need to return it

# When you want to give away the iPhone to someone


Your iPhone houses a lot of stuffs and your private info like photos, contacts, messages, accounts, and passwords. It’s not a good idea to delete these files manually for some reasons. For one thing, the data is huge and it takes time and pain to remove all of them. And the deleted data could be recovered. For another, there is a possibility to leave out some underneath data on the iPhone, but others could find them.


To get rid of your worry, I would like to show you how to erase data from iPhone 8 without any recoverable possibility. It’s easy and will only take a few steps and several minutes to clean up your iPhone completely. But before cleaning up your iPhone, it’s suggested to make a full up-to-date backup of the phone because your data stored on the iPhone will be erased permanently.


After you make sure you have an up-to-date backup, you can download and use iOS Data Eraser to erase data from iPhone 8. iOS Data Eraser is powerful iOS data erasing software that can wipe everything on your iPhone, iPad and iPod, including media files, documents, private info, Safari bookmarks, cached files and cookies. Now follow the below steps to erase data from your iPhone.



Steps to erase data from iPhone 8 permanently, 100% unrecoverable!


Step 1: Install & Run iOS Data Eraser

Once you download iOS Data Eraser app, install the app on your computer and then launch the program to enter into the user interface.



Step 2: Connect iPhone 8 to PC

Now you will be required to connect your iPhone 8 with the computer where you installed iOS Data Eraser. When the two devices are connected, iOS Data Eraser will detect your iDevice and will show the phone info on the screen.

erase data from iphone 8 - connect to pc 


Step 3: Erase Data

In this step, you have the option to choose what kind of data to erase or just erase all data. If you want to clean up the phone, you can choose “Erase All Data” and iOS Data Eraser will begin to erase data from iPhone 8 and make them unrecoverable.

erase data from iphone 8 - erase all data