How to Enter and Exit iPhone or iPad Recovery Mode?

Getting into iPhone, iPod and iPad recovery mode will help you to fix iOS Device stuck on Apple logo, Connect to iTunes icon, white screen, black screen and so forth. However, your iPhone, iPod or iPad may be at risk of being frozen in recovery mode as well. In that case, you probably expect to get out of recovery mode as soon as possible. In fact, only when you fully handle recovery mode can you restore your frozen iDevice screen effortlessly.


Several methods to enter and exit iPhone, iPod or iPad recovery mode will be displayed in this article. Hope this post can help you somehow.


Part 1. How to Put iOS Device into Recovery Mode

In this part, I will present two methods for you to enter recovery mode, depending on different versions of iPhone device.


Method 1. Enter Recovery Mode on iPhone 6S/6/SE/6S/5/4S/4


Step 1. Make your iPhone disconnect to PC/Mac and turn off your iPhone.


Step 2. Force the "Home" button and plug your iPhone into a computer.

PS: you will see the Apple logo after that.


Step 3. Keep holding the "Home" and release it when your iPhone screen shows you the "Connect to iTunes" interface.


Note: You can access to iPod and iPad recovery mode in a similar way and then apply iTunes to fix your frozen screen.



Method 2. Get into Recovery Mode on iPhone 7/7 Plus


Step 1. Turn your iPhone off and plug it into a computer

You need to ensure that your iTunes on PC/Mac is the last version


Step 2. Tap and hold down both the "Volume Up" button and "Power" button simultaneously

You should keep pressing these two buttons even when the Apple logo appears on the iPhone screen.


Step 3.Keep forcing the buttons up till you see the "Connect to iTunes" icon on iPhone. Then let go them to enter the recovery mode.



Part 2. How to Restore iPhone without iTunes


The combination of Recovery Mode and iTunes can fix your iPhone, iPod and iPad stuck problem due to iOS upgrade, downgrade, jailbreak, inappropriately operation and some software errors. What if your iOS device stuck in recovery mode? How can you recover this issue?


Well, you can utilize iOS Data Recovery to repair your iDevice. Here I will take iPhone as an example for this method.



How to Get iPhone out of Recovery Mode with iOS Data Recovery


Step 1. Open iOS Data Recovery and connect your iPhone to PC or Mac

You are supposed to launch iOS Data Recovery on your computer after installation. Then you need to click on the "System Recovery" option and connect your iPhone with a computer.



Step 2. Download an iOS firmware

A proper firmware is important when you perform fixing action. You can download a suitable one after you enter some configuration data and click on the "Download" button.


Step 3. Restore iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

It will take a couple of minutes to fix your iPhone after the download step is done.



Note: iOS Data Recovery enables you to not only get out iPhone, iPod and iPad recovery mode but also settle other system matters like stuck on Apple logo. Besides, it won't cause data loss during repairing.