Easy Way to Erase Data on iPhone Completely

iPhone users are concerned about privacy security and worried about that their personal information will be disclosed after they sell or give away old iPhone. Will privacy be leaked out after users erase data on iPhone?


iPhone is using a relatively closed-end system so that users’ personal information will be safer. However, is deleted info such as contacts and message able to be seen on a computer? The answer is “YES”. Some specialists recover and find deleted data from iPhone after they use a recovery app to restore data. The result is astonishing. Specialists discover that not only messages of privacy, but also a large amount of contacts can be recovered by this app. There would be more risks of being targeted for SMS or phone call scam.  


Specialists note that the reason for this situation is iOS uses a current international open database. And the speiallists advise iPhone user to update iOS and make sure they delete iPhone data permanently.


Smartphone is similar to other digital products. And those are all facing some data security issues. If iPhone users want to erase a file on iPhone, they should delete it and cover with new data several times, specialists said. However, this way is a little inconvenient and not 100% reliable. If iPhone users care about the security of personal data, they must choose a professional app for cleaning.


Therefore, is there any easy and efficient app for iPhone users to erase data on iPhone? Well, if you have a need to remove your private data completely, you can try iOS Data Eraser.



How to Delete Data from iPhone by using iOS Data Eraser

Step 1. Connecting

You should connect your iPhone to PC. If it is your first time to use iOS Data Eraser, you should trust the computer at the first.

erase data on iPhone - connect devices 

Step 2. Selecting

You should choose items which you want this app to execute, such as “Erase All Data”, “Erase deleted files” or “Erase Private Date”. And then you need to click “Erase Now”. 

There is something more about iOS Data Eraser. That is the app supports to erase private data which you easily ignore. This feature will level up your privacy security on iPhone!

erase data on iPhone - select items 

All in all, iOS Data Eraser provides an easy and straightforward way to erase data on iPhone. It would be a better selection for people who want to wipe iPhone data and protect personal information from criminals.