Dial Apple Customer Service Number For Help

Apple is one of the biggest multinational technology enterprise. It provides various amazing products as well as Apple customer service. No matter what kinds of Apple products you are using, you can dial the Apple customer service number and consult for some unsolved problem in your device.   However, some people complaint that the consulting process is cumbersome and time-consuming. Moreover, sometimes people will be stuck on this process owing to reparation and maintenance problem, warranty problem, service staff problem and strict policy problem.


As a matter of fact, the contact thing can be simplified and become clear if you have a full view of how to contact Apple support team and ask your question exactly. Here is the full list of Apple Customer Service Team contacts. Maybe you can read this to have an idea way is to contact Apple Customer Service.


Apple customer service number


1. Make a Call to Apple for Support and Service


In United State, you can dial the Apple customer service number 800-275-2273. This number can help you to contact with people who are able to settle customer problems like customer care, issues, questions, sales and customer supports.


Outside of United State, you need to check the phone numbers located in your country by visiting the Contact Apple page.


2. Chat with Apple Support Team


You can call Apple support team to enquire iPhone problems through your mobile phone. Or you can to the below steps to chat with them online to make an appointment or schedule a call so that you can get contacted when your are available.


Step 1. Visit Get Support page

Step 2. Select the product that needs help

Step 3. Input a serial number, IMEI or MEID of your iDevice to check its coverage

Step 4. Select the topic that covers your problem such as Battery, Power & Charging, Mail, Using iPhone with iTunes and so on

Step 5. Select the sub-topic and then choose Chat/Schedule/Call Apple Support Latter


3. Post Your Problem onto Apple Support Community


Apart from directly dialing the Apple customer service number or contacting Apple stuff online, you can leave your question on the Apple Support Community if it is not convenient for you to call or chat with Apple Support. Your left question will be answered by other people, including Apple Support Team and other users.


4. Receive Help from iTunes Store Support


iTunes Store Support aims at offer help for you to fix iTunes problem. If you have some undefined or unsolved problem in your iTunes program, you call follow the below instructions and find out some solutions.


Firstly, you should go to iTunes Store Support page. Secondly, you need to select the topic and sub-topic to proceed. Lastly, dial the Apple customer service number to contact Apple Support.


5. Other Methods to Fix Apple Products


Aside from the above means, you can repair your iOS device and Mac device by contacting mobile carrier, going to an Apple Retail Store and contacting an Apple Authorized Service Providers.